2+years playing


I’ve only ever gotten Andria 5★s from training ground legendary twice. So to my surprise today I got him, being how rare 5 stars are from training ground I got this guy!

Nothin to exciting being that it’s a copy of one I have, I’m just in shock something else popped out of there. Hopefully more are to come, thanks! Not going to hold my breath though. Not a complaint thread


nice I got him a couple of days ago from the training ground and then pulled another from 5* tokens so I now have 6 :joy:


I usually just get armies of 3* Bobs or others from legendary so anything else is a big welcome


2+ years and still no 5* so congrats bud.

Dont even have an andrea.


If you do two of your training grounds lvl20 and off set doing legendary you’ll get something each day. I use them to store up survivor’s for level ups. You are right though it’s next to never that it happens. One nice thing about legendary you get a 3* every two days while storing 100 survivor’s and a crap load of food.


I do that. Problem is…my rng on nonevent items SUCKS balls. I get events to tickle my fancy, but wheels of anybother regard just kill me.


Two years playing also
And zero 5* from training grounds
Used to run all 4 legendary training
Only to pull 2 3* every day
Dropped to one so I now use the ground for storage


I used to do that but the constant level up events have made it to where I can barely keep 1 going full time


I was about to be out also. It is the only good thing about the zero energy roadmap that I find good it has filled mine back up.