2 Wars in 2 Weeks?


Isn’t that to much?



Remember when we didn’t have any at all ?? I for one applaud it the more the better


They are clearly prepared to not make enough money this weekend.


Yeah I wonder how they can outdo themselves with how poor the rewards will be next weekend. and how many players will rage quit this week and not even find out how bad the rewards will be next week.


Probably an attempt to dodge scheduling conflicts that come along with Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. It also would have coincided with Christmas Eve if they had continued with the established pattern.

That being said, I fully expect the “5* can’t be a war prize because we don’t have competent coders” bug to be fixed by then. /s


Look at the bright side, at least we are finally getting a Solo Level Up next week! Been waiting so long for one…


Countdown begins. 7 days to more disappointment.


I’m fine with this.


yyym, fac sr 2 months ago ? But nooo, more solo LU :confused:


not like they cared about that prior they flipped weekends on us last spring and all wars ended up on holidays


im fine with war, cuz with luck u have good prize on chests


Thats great ,i like war more than raid/level up😘


I like faction events. Solo Survival Road is like… Yey, not going to happen


I want to point out the solo level up instead :frowning:


Yeah. 250 k every week. Otherwise is a no no for Dwight 6*


Without any Toons it is difficult…