2 tournaments in and

This is already the best event you have had in a LONG time. If you hit 2 million level up score and 100k milestone, you already have enough to buy 4 gps/canteens… AND there’s no RNG… AND there’s still 50+ days left. Let’s hope I don’t regret this post but good job so far!!


Damn you, you jinxed it.


I just hope we get some as rewards in future events as well as milestones. If they run multiple level ups with them at 2 million milestones not many people will be able to hit 2 million every time for them.

Yea, good point. I guess I better go farm lol

You can. You need to make about 2670 necklaces every weekend. If you’re striving to hit every milestone, you’ll not only have enough for Lucas but for plenty of gear.

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If there is more than 1 level up per week with a 2 million milestone I doubt I’ll be able to hit it. I have most of my characters maxed out at this point.

I didn’t get a ygl of course so I did 750k the hard way. Seems like a sweet spot for medals. Still, can’t figure out if Lucas is worth 24k of them or just stock up on GPS, canteens, etc.

I am gonna get a holster, and either a GPS or canteen so I can t4 another toon and use that for points in the next level up.

What are you thinking of going for?

Hoping to get Lucas and all the gps and canteens but I’ll wait till end to cash in to see what I can get.

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I wonder if anyone can wait 58 days though, I’m very patient, but that’s stretching it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Contender for best event ever for sure. Finally got a canteen and looking set for a bunch of actually useful stuff.


Yes credit where it is due this 2 month event is a good move

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