2 support tickets deleted

I submitted 2 different issues this morning to “customer support”. I just checked to see if there was any response and now both are gone! Wtf is going on with this game??
Is this the kind of “customer service” that we can expect for the future? First they reply with cookie cutter responses, then pick and choose who gets helped or told to pack sand… now support tickets are simply deleted.
Support needs to be addressed now! No more other parts of the game should be even looked at until scopely fixes “customer support”…

@Parker @TayTron

Hey there,

Do you have a screenshot of your interaction with Customer Support so I can follow up? If not, would you please DM me with your account code?



Unfortunately I didn’t ss the tickets.
I’ll pm you shortly with account info.

Support did this to me the last 2 times I’ve messaged them and then a week later say " we haven’t heard from you so will close your ticket blah blah". :expressionless: useless.

Sound like they’re trolling you.

tbh everytime i was at support they helped me always

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