2 shields and 3 revive toons in CRW!

Scopley you need to do something about this ridiculous invincible teams ,
One of the greatest ideas I ever heard in this was
If a toon revived he shouldn’t be able to store AP , I mean what’s you’re logic , a dead toon keeps his AP is really ridiculous.


They already did something. They released stronger stat six stars. Too bad the only ones getting them are the ones who have the time out teams… a better fix would be make all towers attacking towers. You don’t need two towers that help defenses.

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Post the defense other wise not impossible

They are far from invincible. Revive has worked this way since its introduction 2.5 years ago, can’t change it now. Again, what would help? More decals? More disarms?

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Another option, is not to allow more than one shield or one revive on a team. Then it doesn’t nerf any toons and also forces you to be a little more creative in your team selection.

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You don’t need multiple disarms/decaps to beat these teams - its about understanding the mechanics and using them to your advantage.

Don’t have a decap other than Tyrese? Use bleed or burn. Don’t have disarm? Use active skills and stop people popping off.

All the tools are there for everyone whether F2P, medium spender or “whale”

I say this as someone who has a few premiers but doesn’t have any of the super op decaps

The meta is only boring if you don’t want to figure out ways of beating it with the resources you have

Back in the 5* era, there was actually room for strategy. You could have toons that could easily target another toon. Say Red Romanov vs. Green Hershel (just an example)

What has ruined the meta is not a singular aspect. Revives and shields play a part but it’s the layers that you now have to fight through

Specialist skills
Towers (war only)

Are there counters to this? Yes. But you need a massive amount of luck and/or money to easily obtain these counters. And telling us that we have to run a decap on every attack team for it to be successful, shouldn’t be the case. Now we only have 4 slots to fill.

In my opinion, it’s mods that broke this game. We can now put upwards of 4.5k of any stat on a toon. War attacks are suppose to be quick, but when your facing a team with everything listed above, it can become a 5 minute pain in the ass with maybe only 1 toon dead in the end.


The only thing really is there needs to be a ftp disarm. And winter tokens definitely brought more Michionnes around. And Aloha is getting more prevalent as well. Revives with two shields isn’t a dangerous team at all, so focus on a heavy attack with a modicum of healing and you can play against the fact the defender has no offensive capabilities and is focused on keeping health bars full. Save ARs until everyone is full. So what if hunter or Lydia go off when they are already alive. If they are weathering five ARs on one toon you haven’t built anything remotely damaging.

I agree that a dead toon should not keep adrenaline.
Otherwise forced to buy a decap

Sorry but I couldn’t disagree more with your post… burn and bleed are supposed to break the revive loop? Active skills are supposed to be used against these mods and waste your turn? No…

As some one who is doing exactly that this weekend yes. It works, it may take a turn or 2 longer than someone with decap and disarms in every team but I’m having a lot of success bleeding these teams to death

I use burn and bleed mods and quite often the burn kills the toon and he’s revived the next turn. It needs to be super precise and one wrong turn can lose you the round. Plus, you also have to have high bleed toons which really aren’t f2p


Granted, its certainly easier to pull off with a lacerator but Naya is available in league store and gives everyone the burn option

True, but thats the difference between a roster that can auto everything and a limited one

I do agree with some of your post. When six stars came up it was quite fun with all the active skills and really composing your teams. The introduction of mods has taken that unique element away. I NEVER use the stun active skill anymore. It’s basically useless.


I can’t argue with that generally, just throwing it out as an option for those who are struggling to even make a dent in these teams.

Even scoring once or twice is better for some people than doing 4 failed attacks in 30s and dying with a 400

Again, can’t argue with that - so I use the controlling ones that are less part of the defence meta covered by mods

Hey mate, I know this is frustrating, but that’s the meta at the moment.

To be honest, you should have most of the tools at your disposal to get around these teams, you just have to delve back into the 5 star collection to do so. I have a largely P2P roster, yet often don’t use these toons to fight some of those teams.

For example. I’ll try to make up a F2P team that can belt the Lydia / Magna / Jesus + other revive combos out there.

Lead: Yellow Rise to Power Rick
why? Huge AP to yellows

Key 1: Yellow Kate (5 Star) (She was available in last season store - hope you got her)
Why? Focus to all team for 2 turns and heal over time

Key 2: Yellow Carson (5 Star) - Currently available in the supply depot.
Why? Massive debuff for 3 turns. Does -50% def and -50% att to ALL enemies for 3 TURNS without hitting anyone - so he doesn’t charge their ap.

Key 3: Some decap toon (ideally Wayland, but if you have Ty, Alpha or even buy Yellow Sawyer from the store - that could fit the bill). You want to make sure your last hits are on the money and prevent the revive.

Last toon: Up to you… a disarm is the best here, but as they aren’t readily available for f2p you could put in a command or another decap.

Honestly, this kind of combo works really well imo. I have not had too much trouble (save for the occasional RNG shenanigans) with those dual shield lydia teams with this setup.

Dual shield on Erika is easily blown past nowadays with all the hard hitting blues out there.

I’d say that the only real problem for the F2P players are Gabe, Carl or Dante led teams that may throw in some active revives - this can cause a bit of a headache.

However, the whole idea is not insurmountable. Just a challenge. Don’t worry about failing, I probably failed about 10 or more raids until i worked out a good strategy. Part of the fun… which you can appreciate once the rage dies down a bit :smiley:

Good luck!

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I can appreciate this post, although I think now it is just different strategies.

5 stars are still viable.

I feel that you really need an attack team set up for each kind of defensive lead in order to have success. I’ve enjoyed fiddling around with different team comps.

I agree with you somewhat about the mods - but we can all access good mods, just need some good luck on those we get from the league store.

My issue is the re-equip cost - it should be free all the time, not just on these sales that pop up once a fortnight or so.

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