2 requests please

Hi, I have 2 simple requests which would improve the game in my opinion.

  1. Please can you make it so that we can raid our own defense team in friendly duals. I’m sure this would be very easy to implement and would make it so much easier to build defense teams rather than having to rely on feedback from your teammates.
  2. Please put at least 50 gold ascendance medals as the reward for completing the ascendance medal roadmap. I currently have 7 fully levelled ascendable toons but am just waiting on medals. Gold ones seem to be the main sticking point.
    Thank you :slight_smile:

I honestly doubt the 2nd one will be made anytime soon. The 1st they may think about, considering one of them actually sees this topic.

Are you grabbing the daily ascendance token box from the SR Supply Depot? Might help alleviate some of the pain.

I completly agree to the First one. To the second one they need to revamp the Ascendance Roadmap completly. 30 Medals a week from the Roadmap aren’t even close to enougth. They should make it a 2act Thing with Gold Medals as Stage Rewards and Silver Medals as Final Reward and then 50k in the First act, Team Grade A++ and 100k in the second act for S3 or Something. I have 1.5K Gold Medals, but the Silver ones :neutral_face:

We get many ascendance medals from other events and from the stash atm. Clover tokens and lori tokens give a lot of these. Me i’m more often short on the silver ones to be honest. Although with the amount we get now from level ups that doesnt seem to be a problem anymore either.

Ah I see, I guess everyone’s resource acquisition is different depending on their faction and then the randomness of rng thrown in. I nearly always have enough silver’s for 2 to 3 ascends whilst waiting for the 300 gold. It’s really holding up the development of my rosta. So far I have 14 ascended but have 7 others ready to go as soon as I get enough goods:)

If you run out of silver medals you are ascending too many 3s and 4s, they are garbage in the 6*era so save your tokens


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