2 players looking for wave 1 faction

Heya, two strong and active players looking for faction in wave 1. Maybe not top1 faction in region but 2-5 why not. Just looking for very active faction with friendly people who love to fight and dont give up so easy in wars etc. Top 16 in crw faction should be enough :+1:

What can I say about me…2x priya, 2x rampage, 2 turn team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:
Ofc it doesnt matter, just kidding

We both love to war, always hit minimum milestones and even more :muscle:
Hope we can find two spots in lovely faction :wink:

Line me breathoffire2020

We can make room for you and your friend line me i gave you my id

If interested we are virus in 1b region top 15 to 10 crw very strong crew need a few night crew let me know Rank 2 faction

We was in edgefield, i know who is nemo and virus. Thx for offer :wink:

Huh who was you? Which faction and nem has retired

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Hey @LadyGeek you can close it :wink: