2 million milestone lol


If these ridiculous numbers werent bad enough, you have made it impossible for anyone who hasnt completed gold missions to do anything. Not to mention the cut back rewards structure. Last faction level 17.5k tokens. This one 5.5k. And for your next trick?

Im about done


Next is 10 k … 4* tokens…


I dont doubt it. Dont forget the 3 million milestone for a flak jacket


Like why even bring a level up out the day you cancel peopls ygl??? I just cant get my head around it. I know scopely do stupid things at times but this is just putting the cherry on the top


Last faction LU had 17.5k tokens? I’m pretty sure you meant last war.


I cant realy remember since we had so many level ups. But i know the prizes werent this low


Amen brother


Last faction LU top 10 prizes were about 3.5k 5* tokens. This tourney is 1.5k 5* tokens and 65 legendary ascendence medals.


Couldn’t agree more. This is completely ridiculous. essentially everyone who has not done gold missions has no chance at any milestones now :frowning: such a shame. @kalishane you know I’m not one to complain about things but seriously how are the people out there who have not completed gold missions supposed to get any of these milestones?


Use Gold Coins to skip them.

Once again, Scopely showing that the community event is not meant for the community (I say this as someone who shouldn’t be affected since I hit all of the qualifying marks already).

I don’t mind the change. It was loophole afterall, but the change should not have gone into affect right when a LU is going. Especially when high milestones are needed to get the event items. And Even more so when it is a long awaited FLU.


Yeah lost mine as well thanks for a great weekend off nothing else to do now


YES!!! this is exactly my beef as well. I also don’t mind the change. it’s the timing and the lack of notice that is really really frustrating.


I wouldn’t mind the change if it were simply to eliminate the frequency problem. But what they’ve done is to make PRESTIGE missions NON prestige related. A prestige 12 player that hasn’t completed gold missions now has 0 prestige missions. None.


“Last lvl up’s shitty rewards, weren’t that much shittier than these shitty ones”

Thx you clown.


OP made a claim that the last Faction LU gave 17.5k 5* tokens, I said it never came close to that amount. Then OP said prizes weren’t as low as this before, when it actually was.

So speaking facts makes me a clown now?


No, but it makes gargamol a 2 year old for name calling instead of saying something intelligent.


I will do that. That’s not my main point. My main point is the milestones were determined based on the fact that numerous players had access to unlimited YGLs and that is no longer the case with a large percentage having no access to YGL for this level up. SO the milestones are unattainable. Not to mention most people have leveled up all or most of there six stars and you can’t hit 2 million without multiple six stars.




Next trick is no milestones. 1st prize is the Keys to the Emerald City. Travel to Oz not guaranteed.


The problem is, we had two Blitz Wars that very nearly emulated this exact prize structure and had much more attainable milestones for about half the value of the current prize pool.

Even last F.L.U i felt there was juuuust enough of a gap to be considered only mostly inappropriate.

This is fully.