2 million Level Up Milestone


Anyone else still feel like the 2 million milestone is out of reach? Especially with the amount of level ups we have. I have not been able to hit the 2 million mark as I’m sure others are in the same boat as me. I always felt like milestones should be reachable for most players. The top players can look forward to the top prizes. Why not make the milestones obtainable for most people? I think the lower milestone for the raid tourney was the right way to go. Would be nice if you could lower the top one for the level up as well. Maybe make it 1.5 million or go with the next lower one of 1.25 million. Hopefully this is something you guys can consider or look into.


I actually think with the new milestones it’s pretty easy to get 2 million. About 58 levels for for 5 characters at T4 level 1. It’s a bit of prep but it’s really easy to get. Save the levels and its easy enough, especially with a couple YGLS.


4x T4 L1 in 100xp scavenger = 800k
So no, I do not. Though best to not expect it every level.

I do not feel the milestone reward reflects the effort/build up required though.


The you got lucky’s are never consistent. And maybe if you built up and had the characters you could hit 2 million. But a lot of people are running low on toons to level up. And I don’t think you could hit 2 million each level up. I just don’t see it being easy to do. Especially if you’re a free to play player.


There is no need to do it every level up though. The prizes are usually the same or close enough. Save for a level up that you want to go for if you’re F2P. A disadvantage of F2P is not being able to get the highest prizes every event.


This man hot the nail on the head, I’ve been trying to explain to my faction what I’ve been doing is waiting and preparing my 5’s to be on tier 3 or 4 with the gear to get them to tier 4 and they are normally out on a ygl just before it starts. I have made a point of not competing in solo level ups but that’s a different story, point I’m trying to make is it’s not possible every time, it’s like this man says pick your one and reap the rewards.


2 million is insanely easy after the 5star point boost, ive hit it 3 times already


But shouldn’t Scopely want you to participate in all events? I mean I get that you have to pick and choose which ones to go hard for but I guess my point is that they should make the milestones attainable. People can go hard for the top three spots but why should you have to go hard for a milestone?


It’s not about milestones, they realised that solo level ups made the most money but the milestones would be achievable once in a while,I do it my way but if u have things setup right it is possible.


It isn’t that hard you just have to pic the ones you want to go for. Considering the consistent throwing of level ups at us with pretty much the same milestones and rewards 2 mill could be achieved if you participate in 1/3 lvl ups and use the other 2 to set yourself for the one you go for. Also having often level ups mean you don’t know for sure when you will hit 2 mill. Me and some member in my faction have gotten top finishes in unplanned lvl ups because ygl just kept popping :smirk::expressionless:


And scopely don’t give a fuck if you we participat


E just as long as someone spends.


True. But the more people who participate. The more competition there is participating. The more competition the more the top people will spend to finish out on top. I’m in a top three faction in my region and I know that 2 million is possible. I think Scopely should want people to keep participating so they don’t lose interest. Just lowering the milestone a little would make it more attainable for more people. I am the kind of person who likes to participate in every event and finish in the top 100. I just think milestones shouldn’t be hard to get if you participate in all events. Scopely is basically punishing you for being active in events.


its very difficult, you need farm for at least two weeks to get enough resources to reach 2 millions for once. yes T4 is easy to get points, bla bla bla, but in order to get to T4, you have a lot of lower lvls to do, and tier gears to collect, and if you have enough 5* or 6* to lvl up.


It started as competitive but it has clearly lost the edge by now. Same with you most lvl ups i just coast in the top 100 waiting for a possibly decent faction lvl up to pop ( no luck yet ofc) but if someone wants to consistently compete in the solos then they only have a chance if they are in a dead region or if they spend loads of money. Considering that with the new roadmap you can barely t4 a 5* of each trait with the gear you get from it (rng excluded because rng)


And with the change to the milestones for the faction it is even worse. :frowning:
Really liked my legendary gear crate


The new 2 million milestone with the T4 legendary gear is an intentional move. Conceptually, it means if you reach 2 million then you should also hit top 10 - meaning the placement rewards should be considered as bonuses. Plus, if you have all the gear and need that GPS/canteen then you are primed to purchase it through offer/stash.

This new gear map also nerfed the food you used to get from selling select farmable gear and therefore there is also less food in circulation (also acts as a can sink). That plus endless level ups as food sink + more points to “justify” leveling 5* you will never use in raids … are all ways to then sell food via shop and promotion.

The death stamps is very smart by design also - first, it makes food bags (perception and consumption) a norm versus previously most users would sell unwanted gear/junk/items. Second, it gives a false impression of users being more competitive in the endless level ups - driving revenue of trainers/food as both become “staples”.


I’m of the opposite mindset. I prefer trainers over 6* gear crates.


Here goes a video to help you score better in level ups. All credibility to @Mamadeadhead


No reason there can’t be both.