2 level ups a week, and still no gear


What’s the point of leveling any card when you just have to stop at a certain point and pray that elusive item if gear comes available. And that is after you already exhaust all the pay options, leaving things to chance and waiting week after week for one damn whetstone.

I get it, gear is part of the gamble game, but why so many damn level ups all the time? Back to back level ups are so disheartening. I finish scraping in one, 2 hours later it’s back! If you have to put two level ups in the same week, space em out. Put a buffer day in the middle, or run a 24hr blitz… Please.


You don’t have to stop. Use 4* and 5* :grin:

His point is that with the t3/t4 gear being bottlenecked, he is stuck not being able to level toons past a certain point. Therefore, people are leveling random toons they will never use until gear can be accessed.

What does the buffer do? It’s not like you’ll get gear in 24 hours.

And if you’re having trouble in the level up tourneys…then maybe skip a level up tourney?

Why not skip the game cuz no one can get gear to level toons and actually compete in touneys.

I for one have completely removed all payment options and will not spend again. The lack of gear means the stuff I bought is uselessly collecting dust.

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u dont have to stop, spend money buying those offers for gear!


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