2 Green Leaves issue

Many players cannot complete or even do the harvest missions because offers were pulled down and never put back up.

Mistakes a plenty happen on the game.

Would it hurt Scopely to send out the 2 Green Leaves to EVERYONE just so people can start to do the roadmaps and complete that offer because 4 days later still no offer tells most it isn’t coming back and no need to buy it when only 1 day left.

Thanks again @GR.Scopely


Yep never even saw a green leaf offer

well any screw up that players benefit from are soon shut down faster then usain bolt on a sugar rush.
But any compensation due to players or bugs that need fixing…and all you get are the sound of crickets coming from scopes…


Same here. Nothing at all

I didn’t get the offer either

Havent seen the offer on google or amazon

I thought this will be to get for free in some roadmap or mission but not pay offer to get gps and canteen. :-1:t2:

Yep no offer here yet

“Close app and clear cache” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


No offers here either or for anyone in my fac.

The incompetency has reached a new level. Can’t even provide offers for those still willing to spend. Pfft lol

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Amazing how fast they spring into action to fix shit when that happens

I brought this up with support and also why those that did get the offer also received 3 lots of 800 green maple leaves. This was scopelys response.

didnt they pass out the greenleafs?

Nothing on my end

No you bought em more then likely.

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No green leaves at all… No offers ever… the event is broken an therefore the majority are unable to complete it…

@GR.Scopely care to raise this? The event has been running now for some time and this issue has persisted throughout… something does need to be done about this.

There was an offer up for survivors club members at the beginning and two general offers which mistakenly had these green leaves in them. This was a PTP event by the look of it if you want epic or legendary gear you had to buy the leaves. Why should you get them for free if others had to pay ?

I dont think you quite understand the issue in hand. There have been no offers for the green leaves at all, zero, zilch, nada. Only the lucky few that were able to purchase the broken offer, right at the start of the event.
It’s not that we want them for free, we just want them to actually be available!


Exactly the same here Gov, pointless crap

Well yeah they should be available for sure but they won’t give them out for free that is certain