2 days till 60 free 3 year tokens


Why is your scoreboard so in depth?


Because I’m a pro VK Hacker


Bumpity bump


Do we have to claims the cake in the museum for it to be on the leaderboard or it doesn’t matter wether I claims them or not


60? You say


By the end any hardcore player should have 60 lmao


Recognise that faction name…Hey clem ha


:o I didn’t even realise and as it stands getting 60tokes


Oh you didnt know me from before lol


Er it says only top 200 … I’m not going to day I’m even top 300 among spenders lol


I recently transferred, says leaderboard can take up to 72 hours to refresh. I am going to be p!ssed if it doesent update before then.


Hardcore player? You mean all spenders! I have hit all milestones and am in the tier 2 rewards.

Not complaining, can pull from the wheel tonight!


it would be nice if i could at least see it. they didnt even fix that and it is been so long.


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