2 days till 60 free 3 year tokens


A bunch of people forgot about this or just think there is only one leaderboards and its garret. There is another one that ends in 2 days and gives out anniversary tokens if yall forgot about that :smiley:


Oh yeah? I can’t see my leader board since it was launched


Tell me your candle count and I’ll check it put for you.


thanks, I didn’t even know about this, until now :slight_smile:


At 400ish cakes I’m not sure you’re in the top 5000


It doesn’t show the amount of cakes I have collected during this event, makes me think it wasn’t tracking it now. Thanks Scopely.


Ive collected like 653 from what I csn tell from the collections but when I go onto the leaderboards it does not show any count or even my position on the leaderboard. Is this just a visual glitch or are we not going to be getting the rewards for it since we arent technically on the leaderboard @JB.Scopely


What we be even better, would be

  • learn how to count between 90 and 700 :man_shrugging:
  • show my score
  • show my position
  • transfer the cakes I had in my original region

@JB.Scopely, the devs have 1 day to fix this before collection 1 times out. Pressure :scream:


Playboi carti eh nice name


It works for me. All I do is click scoreboard click cakes then wait for the slider to go down on it’s own. Just keep count sometimes it scrolls up or down abit after you see yourself.


How to get to the cake leader board? Nvm got it.


You have to click on “select leaderboard” in the middle, then select cakes leaderboard. Just give it a few secs to a minute to load, it gets kinda slow.


Im doing pretty well. 1k tokens for me.


No I mean it won’t even load for me. It’s nothing but a black screen of death. Doesn’t matter if I clear cache, restart game, or anything else useful, just will not load. I’ve had this issue a couple times there were leader boards. Scopes just wants me to be surprised lol


Really sorry for all those with troubles
But it’s not like your prizes dissapeared


20+ from faction I’m in left region so I guess I get nothing haha


Or is it individual


Its individual


Oh good something scopley did work on my side


Yeah I’m surprised too