2 days after ban lifted..still cant talk in chats

Well, you guys really outdid yourself with this one. 48 hours after my ban was lifted for words like strip mall, google and wtf, and all I can type is a bunch of hashtags. Support is 100% worthless and I haven’t been able to play all weekend because I can’t communicate with my faction. Why would you implement something new and not tested that is a complete disaster over the weekend?



Scopley support after releasing a major bugged update right before the weekend…


I have a faction mate with the same problem and after asking customer service about it was banned from the game for a day ? It appears this is very bugged :frowning:

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I think the more ridiculous it all gets the more certain it’ll get fixed and altered. That’s the hope I’m currently attaching myself to

Cause they are so quick to fix the issues of the players right?

I never included a timeframe

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Because this is what they always do.

LIVE in the game is the beta test. Keep Survi…Silent. :speak_no_evil:


This is their sick way of addressing our complains of too many chats in the game :joy::joy::joy::joy:

True can’t wait until they decide to unleash the chat bot onto the forums. That will make for some great conversation when everything is just a bunch of gibberish because its like 96% ###

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