2 community managers = less answers?

I thought a second cm would result in better communication - instead we got a silent Monday and little to no information Tuesday besides a new update with a terrible chat filter that blocks Google for some reason… What is going on over there?


Maybe they agree whose turn it is to police the forum using the in game chat function. I imagine the convo would be:-

“are you on the forum today?”
The censor kicks in so all they can see is: “### ### ## ### #####?”
“What? Say that again?”
The censor says “#####. ### #### #####.”
“Oh is it my turn?”
The censor translates this as: “oh, is it my ####”
“Well. This is going well.”
The censor bot says: “Sorry, you have been banned for 24 hours”. Clock starts ticking…
“Well if you’re sure you’re happy to deal with the forum all day. Thx bro. Time for some pancakes.”


I guess there is only the one team of lawyers producing the list of approved CM responses so it means that the 2 CMs can only respond at half the speed


They could have 100 cm and you’d still get no answers

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Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you.




There’s just not much they can say to defend the constant poor decisions that scopely keeps making.


Not if they want to keep their jobs.

Must be nice to get paid to work in customer service but not have to actually interact with the customers unless you feel like it.


Would be nice to know what they’re allowed to respond to that way we could stop wasting time with legit questions about the game


I don’t disagree but clearly scopely has not set that standard for them. Also, other customer support agents in other companies can actually help a customer out with refunds and speaking to a manager. These two clearly have zero power. Everytime they answer a question (league side missions would be updated at start of season 3), it’s almost inevitably going to be incorrect. Not sure what their job is, since the company doesn’t have a pulse of the players.


it’s just like your company’s HR department, they’re smiling faces who you speak to about issues but they are there to protect the company first and foremost.

Nice guys (JB at least so far) but they are go betweens who are a ring up the ladder from us and far from in control of this shit show

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They will respond in a day or so when temper reach boiling point.
Then they will release a legacy or OP premier and we will start the process again.

When even there most positive youtuber and creator of character data website who put a lot into the game go negative you know your doing something wrong.

I hope what’s happening with EA now starts to happen to these mobile game company’s who cross too many lines.
There needs to be laws in place.

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I said it before they wait til they have an announcement like “free shield for everyone” before addressing us so they can deflect the anger built up do to silence and all current issues. They announce disarm/decap event made some shut up and poof disappeared as concerns came in

It’s political managment not community managment :smiley:

Oh I know they’re not the ones in charge. Honestly kinda feel sorry for them

We are sorry to hear all your concerns! We will address this soon. Stay tuned!

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