2 bad characters in a row

C mon for the 10th time revive without healing in this meta is useless, Tyler is worse he does 0 control, 50% atk to a line pfff :-1:

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I thought he looked ok 🤷 not amazing but he could be useful. At least they’ve listened and are giving us a choice box this time for anyone who doesn’t like him.

Although, as a support toon I would have expected him to be a bit more…supportive. he doesn’t really do much to support the team. If his AS affected some/all of his teammates that would have made more sense.


What are you talking about? It’s 650% dmg to a line and +50% att for two teammates.
Read, then complain :man_facepalming:


Kenny is way better than this in a jacki team


Wooow think this need a nerf

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Scopes going back to the shit for free and borderline game breaking op for spenders. 🤦🤦🤦


Spend real money for promos if you want better toons.
You get as much as you pay for.


I’ll take the new toon… splash damage? Looks alright for free gold brick toon… got an em all bar James… never liked him don’t want him


not that bad… +75% atk to self on weapon, + 50% to 2 teammates… adrenaline rush could have been faster, cleanse is only to self, the basic attack is quite low (under 5.000) but at a first view he deserve a chance. Waiting for some analysis from the experts


U mean the trolls lol

Kate(who also can hold a 20%) gives you more value vs the meta. Lol…a god damn 5*. That isn’t even mentioning Kenny, lol


I already spent for promos, I have all the right to ask for an average character that I can use

A random atk buff is awful, he may just give it to a command or a revive, what a embarassement

Agreed. Would it have killed them to make it 50% for all? Which Kate does plus she heals…and gives focus. Lol

I’m with you… as a “attack booster” there are better options… much better.

I’m waiting for some math about is attack with +75%, 650% atk, collateral damage and so on

Splash damage is being nerfed, 3 Instead of all

CD2 never applied to all.

I’m not even talking just that, the heal and focus also matter. I love Kate and use her alot since her release, but you only get one mod on her. If she doesn’t resist confuse and trader goes off turn 1, you don’t even have the option for taunt resist to then rush and possibly kill(depending on team build) or even heal reduction resist to then keep her alive. You always have to run uphill when using her. I know she as an s class would possibly be too much and definitely a premiere but scopes make it tough to get what Kate gives out of multiple free toons on a team. Kenny is close but he lacks heal and the ability to hold a 20%. Priya, Mercer, princess etc. Don’t heal, which are the more common f2p toons. Hard to build a team that has any consistency when you constantly are handcuffed.

Meh. Though he’s MUCH more useful than that POS Franklin.


Yellow James

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