2 6* Zeke only 1xguardian


I’ve ran 2 zekes for about 6 weeks now in farming and especially SR. I’ve never had both provide guardian on the same turn. Has any1 else noticed this? I’ve not raided with them before so idk if it holds true there as well? Pretty sure I’ve had Zeke and a 5* guardian both give blue shield (3 shields total) in 1 turn though. I run on sr behind 6* barker and yes both zekes are crited up on their weapons. Just wondering if they might be coded so only 1 will provide guardian any given turn? @CombatMan


I think it’s so you can only have a maximum of 2 guardian shields per go as the guardian ability doesn’t stack. I’ve played around with it myself although I don’t have 2 guardian II toons to test. I believe if you have a guardian 1 & 2 on the same team and the G1 crits first and the G2 second they act both like guardian I whereas, if you do G2 first they crit and produce 2 shields and the G1 doesn’t on crit on the same turn. If that makes sense.


On a team,
Having a G1 allows for max of 1 per turn
Having a G2 allows for max of 2 per turn

Having multiple of same does not increase this max, just changes how you can get there.



What’s upsetting is running too Wyatt’s and they both apply to same teammate every time .never two different toons


Yeah can’t have them pop same turn. They always target the highest hp, and no smart matching if they are already paired. I find painsplit is often underwhelming as a result.


Thank you I will try to split that up better and you very well might be right because they usually are one after the other


Maximum of two guardian shields can be popped per turn. Imagine having two guardian 2’s pop on the same turn, raids would be a hellava lot harder.


It’s been said, but yeah, max of two guardians. You can tell if a guardian is still available from the guardian symbol. It’s lit up when it’s available, and smaller/darker when it has been used. Works a bit like the neutralise symbol.

I really like the two Zeke team for SR tourneys. Behind Barker they can do about 3/4 of the stages, without accounting for traits and stuff. It’s good having both, because if one doesn’t proc, then the other usually does, so you’re pretty much guaranteed 2 guardians every turn. Nice.


two painsplits are possible just rare to get…the highest hp toon needs to change to have two…like two full health toons, give one pain split, the other loses health to bleed or something then give other one pain split, hard to time and get both activated


I appreciate the replies guys.


I do this with Zeke and SR Doc behind a Barker lead. Always procing shields plus Doc adds 20% HP to everyone. After 2 walker stages everyone has full health and full bonus health and fully shielded. Trait disadvantage doesnt exist anymore with that much protection.


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