2,000 Grenades a.k.a We still have too much wood

This isn’t a new complaint, we still have too much wood. I’ve personally just sailed past the 2,000 grenades mark (having also got 1,250 each of Nerve and Tear Gas grenades).

However, we’ve also just seen the game move through some pretty key updates so just wondering when we’re likely to see a solution?

As I said years ago on the old forum, would be more than happy with a “Camp Fire” building for my town where the wood is burnt for no purpose or benefit. Better than prompt after prompt after prompt.



I “wood” love to see a way to get rid of it but I don’t think we will ever get one. Wood is a penalty and they want us to be stuck with it. The only reason to get rid of it so so we can ghost. I am just thankful that they haven’t removed or nerfed this as well.

The only solution I can see is once your town is completely build up destroy the material storage buildings, Rebuild so you can only hold about 300k for crafting. At least this way it wont be to hard to get rid of the wood.


I do this also to save materials but 1st world problems and all, its really annoying to do

Yeah but again the only reason to get rid of wood is because we don’t want to be raided so Scopely is not going to give us a way to remove it for free. The only way they are ever going to is if they charge coins to do it.

I don’t make anything with it the items used to make battle items that uses wood take items I can sell for food hit me for 100k+ in wood I don’t really care also the ghost mode forever that exist is really stupid I have people that are ranked in top 50 that haven’t people in I don’t know how long with there s1++ teams

I just finished leveling every building to 20, 2 days ago. I sympathize with the lower level players but there should be something in place for those with all their buildings upgraded and already player level 125 to have something to do with wood other than crafting battle items, because we barely use battle items. How often do any of you use battle items?

I might use smelling salts or elegant incense once in a while. Or I will use nerve or tear gas vials for daily missions (use 10 battle items). When the daily mission “Spend 210,000 Materials” comes up is when I use some materials, or when I get pop ups that say that I am at max, but other than that it is just a burden on me.

over 4k grenades, 1k each of the red and blues, and over 1k incense. ultimately i turned two plots into wood burners. its slower than just crafting stuff off and being done with it. my way takes no resources other than wood and when i get to that threshold where i need to wait, i just reset my plots.

Pretty sure they want everyone who maxed to just quit. They want new players.

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It sounds like the tobacco’s idea Wanderer no worries stockholders there’s new people starting up every day

If that was even 1m wood for an hour I’m pretty sure I’d be having a ceasefire until early 2019

There is still space for new buildings on the town map - But in meantime I vote for turning off notifications.

Or perhaps we can level up some of the dumber toons with wood …