1st RTS weekend of 2020.. back to back SR?

Sure hope this weekend isn’t indicative of what 2020 is going to be like for this game @GR.Scopely.

Back to back sr tourneys suck. Period.

Nice middle finger to the non-1% facs who didn’t spend their way into this iteration of ToC.

Bad enough you guys set this elitist tournament in motion but to then just reroll the most mindless and boring event RTS offers for the rest of us smacks of laziness and lack of creativity on Scopely’s part. Zzzzzz.

Couldn’t you have run a regular aow as a toc alternative? Or a raid tourney? Or anything else?!

Thanks a bunch and Happy New Year.


I’m pretty much burned out on SR tourneys as well now. But everyone gets SR today, even ToC factions.

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I would love an aow.

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Tbh if Scopely are still mostly on holiday, I’d rather they ran something which they know works. Rather than letting loose more war fiascos which don’t work.

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I think this is the case as well, events such as Onsluaght and Walker Hoards seem to require trouble shooting, where the 3 basic events, Level up, raid, survival road appear to be a push the button and walk away situation, they will be running a skeleton crew over all their games not just this one, we will get something else in a week or 2.

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