1st ranked faction looking for 1-2 players

We are looking for 1-2 players to join our faction - ranked 1st in our region.

A little bit about us - we like our members to aim as high as possible in faction events. Spending helps but isn’t required - activity, good communication and the use of Line are a must though.

No region trolls, we share the crits, a lot of players drop their defences to help with milestones and, in general, it’s a pretty friendly region.

If you’re interested then send me a message, my Line ID is: twistedmorality


Good luck!

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We welcomed 2 new players to our team yesterday but as it worked out we still need 1 more active player. If you’re an active player and you think you got what it takes to be in regions 1st ranked faction just pm me on Line so we can chat. My line ID is: twistedmorality

Any room for a coat tail rider? Asking for a friend ofc


lol we’ll pass on those unless you have other friends :wink:

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So lets bump this thread.

We still need 1 more player. Chilled region and faction.

Commenting to keep the thread going for you :joy:


And… bump. Still looking for a good player or two to join us.

What kind of spending on war is required?

Ill pm you

Just a bump. Pm me to talk about joining us

Another bump, we can still do with one more due one player stepping down.

Bumping mcbumperson

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Let me get in on this bump action

This thread seemsTHE place to be

Call me mr bump

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What region?

Brooks 7chars