1k streak plans?

Coming up on 1k login streak, not sure if that’s good or bad lol. Any plans on something special?

Probably just jinxed myself but oh well.


Leave this game lol


If you want something special for your dedication, Scopes isn’t giving you squat. If you’re talking about upcoming special events, apparently there’s one on the horizon where you transfer to a special region and compete for unknown rewards. :man_shrugging:

Put your money on nothing or a super special secret rng offer for $1000 and odds at .0001% for anything.

350 prestige points for your dedication.


Well…I’m 50 days behind you. Let me know what happens so i can plan accordingly! Hahahaha


That’s pretty awesome! Scopely will give you a smelling salt, for all your hardwork and dedication! Lol


I’m at 950 days. I expect by 1K, I will be banned or at least chat banned due to seniority. #WEKNOWTOOMUCH!


Who cares?

997, 998, 999… 000, 001
Did you really expect them to plan this far ahead?

Really omg make sure you get a screen shoot at 999

That means , it’s a bad thing. It means you are kinda addicted to it.
Gz nonetheless

Scopely will give you a pat on the back.

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