1k more Steve cards please

I’m missing 1000 Steve cards, put a new offer with coins or accessible $$

They said they are doing offers for up to 4K cards.

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1 offer for 50usd, 2 boxes for 1k coins. all for 1,000 Steve cards

got any screenshots of the offers?


boxes with 95% 1k chances

They should raise the cap on the 1000 coins crates to 6 or 8 and collect some more coins

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Crazy how they sold the box for $50 yesterday and now it’s in the store for 1,000 coins lol

They were up at same time yesterday…that is what is crazy…

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Ha. They are both up now too. Makes no sense

before WoC started i asked how much it would be to buy the missing cards people will need

£47.99 per 1000 no wonder no one answered lol

1,000 coins in league store is a good price.

yeah thats a bit better and at least you have a chance at getting more.

Is the toon worth it though

I’m not sure. Doesn’t seem like he is now but perhaps there will be a meta shift. I’m sure he will eventually be in a wheel.

They should raise the number of crates you could buy in store it’s a good deal and plenty of people would go for it.

Also what happens to the cards when you don’t collect them? Museum collection ends next week I believe


Can we up the amount of boxes we can purchase please? Both boxes had 1k cards in them and I am
Not paying $50 for 1k when I’m still going to be short. Not worth it at all. But I still need 2k cards. Is this possible??


Where do you find steve? Hes missing now

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