1B region with 8v8 War :'-(

Did 1B regions just get herded into being 1A without any notice?
8v8 war when we specifically transfer to 6v6,1b just got reamed.


Enjoy your 3 cans and 5 stash tokens to make up for it! :smirk:


Time = 5 Tokens and 3 War Cans.


Yup. Don’t spend your compensation all at one time. That’s sad


Whilst I expect screw ups so can’t believe they screwed up war and made 1b 8vs8… it’s seriously hurting me an my faction and no doubt countless other factions everywhere. Wouldn’t mind as much if wasn’t linked to event with war missions.

Any compensation is welcome but seriously? What got for the impact has…

Not even like can use mercs to fill empty spots either…


The only real recourse any of us that are getting boned have is to stop opening that wallet.

Shame that even if a whole wave was to cancel SC and commit to being f2p in protest, we still wouldn’t get an extra 5 minutes to double check features before they go live.


My wallet stays closed. 0 spend in 2 months , I’m not a fan of spending money for an awful experience.


I love the fact they did 8v8. More camps means more points per round. Hope they keep it 8v8. I like 6v6 but as a veteran player that remembers when all wars were 8v8. Brings back some good nostalgia. Also glad they didnt do 5 towers this time. 5 is just too much.

6v6 in 1b is for a reason. The less active region its easier to fill. For 1a 8v8 is the standard being they are generally more active. I don’t mind 8v8 but i can feel the difference in que times

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Do you know what would be literally the perfect compensation? Mercs for hire. Only two needed.

Coincidentally, the very thing that was given to us then taken away. Not giving them to us is possibly explained away as oversight. Taking them away is a big f*^k you to the players in 1B.

So I’ve been wondering. Can anyone help me figure out what they’re losing by giving us mercs? Anything that doesn’t make sense with scopely has the same answer - because money - but I can’t figure this one out.


It was because of an issue or something like that. 6v6 would have been elite my faction has been on 6v6 for like 3 hrs

glad for you Warrior I think you should transfer out to 1A :upside_down_face: lol


While 8v8 has its appeals, the whole point of 1b is 6v6…

What I don’t get is, when declaring war, you are supposed to “select map”, which is always just a phony screen with only one map on the offer. Why not giving us the choice of 8v8 or 6v6 there?


Really a few cans and an apology for delayed response no actual apology! It may as well been a middle finger… Tells me how much they really vaue 1b


At least they acknowledged the error. The message I got from Eidan at support was to check the blog for information regarding total war and to join discord.

Lol i guess that makes sense, complaints can be spread across three different platforms that don’t get read

The lost time this weekend on not being able to fill and the lost chances to work towards missions is worth more then the compensation given out.
@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron

This is hands one of the worst war weekends I’ve ever experienced.
Matchmaking is horrible because when factions
get 8 they match the factions that don’t have a problem with filling in top 5 constantly.


Absolutely this. I haven’t war that much this weekend but when I did it was up against teams with 10 in queue. Of course they were top 10 factions and I suspect the the mid to lower factions are stuck trying to fill 8 spots.

I didn’t have any fun or engaging war this weekend. Rank rewards gone. Many factions are probably behind on war missions cause they can’t fill. I’ve seen some factions with only 2 battles! OMG.


And when we do get 8, but are matched out of our league, only one or two of us who can win attacks are coin repairing to get max points because their chances of hitting milestones are all but removed because of 8v8.

So the rest of the faction sits and watches 1 or 2v8 till war times out.

I just hope its understood the disadvantages go far beyond having a few less wars this weekend.
@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron

The 6v6 factions in 1B are taking one step back, while everyone else takes one step forward = two steps back.

Further, those in 1B who are tanking for rewards take two steps forwards, having higher tier rewards and all of us plankton to feed on. So effectively 3 steps back for us at worst.


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