1B Faction recruiting

Resurrection a 1b faction top of region and top 3 crw team is looking to add a small solid group of 5 to 7 players. We are a very laid back faction with lots of veteran woc players who like to compete.

We are in need of euro, asian, and aussie timezones. We would also consider pst timezone as well as a balanced mix of timezones. We are very evenly balanced for war. Slightly in favor of usa players atm. If you are looking for a home to have fun but be very competitive give our lead a holler. We finished our first war together top 5 with 20 ppl. And very few night players.

Transfers will lock Monday so if you are unhappy where you are at with war this weekend and would like to be with like-minded ppl hit up Turynn on Line app at turynn2001113.

We still have a few holes to fill and doing well this weekend. Currently we are setting in 3rd place. Hit him up for details if you are interested.

Could I lead your faction?
You seem like a smart man, make the right choice and elect me for leadership of your faction.


C’mon, Tyber, you can’t lead them all… :smiley:


Weeeeell, was supposed to be a jab only, but I guess you could be a TWD:RTS junkie who’s got lvl150+ accounts on 20 different regions… :smiley: