19.1 Update Now Live and Patch Notes


The Walking Dead: Road to Survival - 19.1 Patch Notes

Here is a list of the changes in our 19.1 Release.

Combat Balance Changes

Effects & Skills Updates

  • Taunt now provides additional 5 AP to the taunting character when that character is attacked by the taunted enemies.

  • Guardian / Guardian II specialists will now be eligible to receive a Guardian Shield if they are low on HP (compared to always applying to other teammates first).

  • Outlast will now grant 100% AP to the specialists when Outlast triggers (unless the specialist is affected by Impair).

  • Neutralize threshold requirement has been reduced from 90% to 80%, making it easier for Neutralize to trigger.

  • Tenacity will now trigger if the character takes fatal damage at 20% or more HP, and their HP will be reduced to 19%.

  • Cutthroat gives 50% bonus damage rather than 30%.

  • Lifesteal will now heal for 15% of the character’s max HP when the specialist performs a Critical Hit. This skill no longer applies when killing an enemy.

AI Updates

  • Characters controlled by the AI are now more likely to focus their damage against enemies who can be killed the quickest.

  • Characters controlled by the AI have a better understanding of prioritization, allowing buffs, debuffs, and other targeting effects to be used more effectively.

  • The following characters will use their Active Skills more or less often to help improve their performance in combat when used by the AI:

    • Tough Cole - (Increased Usage)
    • Fast Negan - (Increased Usage)
    • Strong Shiva - (Increased Usage)
    • Strong Wyatt - (Increased Usage)
    • Tough Garrett - (Increased Usage)
    • Fast Aris - (Increased Usage)
    • Strong Kal - (Increased Usage)
    • Fast Romanov - (Increased Usage)
    • Alert Dev - (Increased Usage)
    • Strong Eugene - (Increased Usage)
    • Strong Anna - (Increased Usage)
    • Fast Tyreese - (Increased Usage)
    • Alert Clementine - (Increased Usage)
    • Strong Garrett - (Increased Usage)
    • Strong Princess - (Increased Usage)
    • Tough Sophia - (Increased Usage)
    • Tough Douglas - (Increased Usage)
    • Alert Dale - (Increased Usage)
    • Alert Zachary - (Decreased Usage)
    • Fast Michelle - (Increased Usage)
    • Tough Regina - (Increased Usage)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Maim’s status effect is currently not being blocked by Guardian Shield.

  • Fixed an issues where Characters (including NPCs) that are immune to Maim still take damage from Maim.

  • Fixed several issues with Michelle’s Bleed damage from her weapon:

    • Does not stack with other Bleed stacks.

    • Can be blocked by Guardian Shield.

    • Generates AP for the afflicted enemy when damage is dealt.

    • Increases the duration of Bleed effects that are applied from mods.

  • Fixed an issues where Walkers in Walker Hordes sometimes get stuck after killing an enemy unit.

  • Fixed an issues where Hemorrhage is not being reapplied to a character if that character has previously recovered from Bleed or Hemorrhage.

  • Fixed an issue where there could be delay between the user’s first turn and the opponent’s first turn

  • Fixed some characters’ Adrenaline Rushes where stun wasn’t preventing Parting Shot from happening

  • Fixed an issue where an opponent’s AP bar wouldn’t be glowing while it was full

  • Fixed an issue where Zachary’s AR could cause an enemy’s AP bar to be visually full when it wasn’t actually full

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All hail balance tweaks!

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Thanks for the buff to blue Abe :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


I updated the game and guaridan still guards everyone else 1st and himself last regardess of hp


Yea thats still a thing but god bless them for once. Ive been on beta and actually love the update g2 completely covers u from zacks rush and all other maiam rushes. Hats off to scopley for this but u wont be getting off tht easily :smirk:

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Update hasnt taken any effect for me and i did it 8 hours ago. Restarted the app and device since then and nothing. Anyone know whats up?


I guess the update is rolled out in waves and not live yet.

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Ah okay thanks man


I was messing around with him in duels and didn’t see him getting an extra 5 ap after taunt rush. Anyone else tested it.

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same here, haven’t really noticed any big combat changes listed in the patch notes as of yet


So we are just going to skip past territories again there champ


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely
I thought Cutthroat was buffed to 50%, instead of 30%?
Bc it still showing 30%. Is this just a visual glitch?? Forgot to mention I’m running on 19.1.


My still at 30 as well and I did the update

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Won’t it only go live when the update becomes forced?


Taunt not working… downloaded update and nothing seems to have updated… also bravo on releasing Zach then announcing maim is fixed :ok_hand:


It was announced to be fixed days ago


Great update! Buffed mediocre Skills always a good thing


Shouldn’t have buffed Coles AS.


Why? Im curious, i dont have him but his as is pretty annoying