19.0 Update - Prepare to Unleash the Horde


I don’t remember where but they were mentioning update should come end of March, but mid-March for Beta players.

So not this week.


I hope you are correct.


15th is mid march


Thank you, Captain Obvious.

But for beta players again, not pushed on all users.


You had me at reduced territory notifications.


The very first post. First paragraph. Second sentence.


Is beta version is available now or not yet? @ForumAdmin


Yes It is now available


I know they’ve done nothing to fix territories crashes, but is the reduction in territory notifications enough to be excited about?


@JB.Scopely patch notes?


its meh


@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin

Now that the update is in beta… We have the new toggle for selling food in the depot BUT that toggle wasn’t added to the rest of the game. WTF? Why do you do things in pieces??

So, when I want to sell gear etc… I still have to continue to hold the arrow button that goes why too fast? Such poor execution, like wth… Fail again. Thanks


In addition to the point above, what were you thinking with the “Max” button…

Needs to be capped at my maximum food storages, otherwise I’m píssing about 96m food down the drain.

Although it is so so soooo easy to get food now. Thanks for adding it


Overfill doesn’t account for 99.9 million? Lmao


Tried with a lesser amount. You lose the excess


Suppose overfill in the food realm would negate the point of town building :roll_eyes:


Great call out. I’ve accidently hit max a few times thinking it would go to my food capacity max but no it doesn’t… lmao… it’s so ridiculous, who thought of that. :joy::joy::joy:

Great feedback but I can guarantee you they won’t change it. They never listen to us once something goes to beta which makes it pointless. :man_facepalming:t5:


Why would you be able to hold more then what your storage says?


Yup. Most needed update to the game is the constant bugs/glitches in territories; game crashes, teams getting kicked for no reason, unavailability to add defences, even tho you just finished an attack, and so on, and so forth.

No need for Scopely to add more features to the game, before they address the bugs in the game. Players have been telling them this forever.

Good to see you again @Ladygeek!


Lol, gonna be a lot of people upset when they piss away 97.2 million food.