19.0 Update - Prepare to Unleash the Horde


You’re right. That’s it. We buy zombies with dog tags and try to take other people team down. People are thinking we have to defend against the zombies lol


Yeah I think it’s like the other clash of clans game that’s by the same company. You have certain zombie cards that you own but you can only use a certain amount at a time due to the limit of the dog tags. Certain zombie cards are better than others and cost more dog tags. Like you can’t use 3 mega zombies at a time BC it’s too many dog tags. So you choose a mixture that add up to the dog tags you have


Clash Royale devs be lilke


update on wheel five star???


Scopely are slow at everything and aren’t exactly the best company but just wait till patch notes or until the update is live for you to bash them. This new event could be fun for all we know


Yeah listen to this man , make it green only when enemy is ready to rush , and yellow if enemies are impaired or stun , yeah and please make a switch to enable and disable this feature @JB.Scopely


I never knew about this. I just keep a mental Roladex on whereabouts I think each toon should be


@JB.Scopely whatever happened to the special region called battle zone or whatever? Is that scrapped?


It basically happened this last CRW when AP, MH, SB, and FKR all fought.


Its pretty clear… no mentions about mission so the answer you are looking for is NO. Why tag jb and gr just to be annoying. You’re going to get ignored and we will never get missions fixed


Hmmm :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


deal with cheaters first


Plants VS Zombies is fun. I’m playing Apex legends now though :stuck_out_tongue:


Get your wallets ready people.



Thanks a lot for the initial feedback, it’s great to read through!

Answering a bunch of recurring questions:

  • Version 19 should be available in an upcoming Android Public Beta, around mid-march. I’ll share more details closer to the deadline.

  • Typically, and as per last time, we do not cover all bugs that are being tackled in upcoming client updates, as some could be inserted until the very last moment! They will all be listed when the final patch notes are wrapped.

  • Regarding the very known issue about League Missions, and as mentioned above, we are assessing it still and doing our best for it to be embedded in this upcoming update.

I can’t wait for you all to go hands on with it and share more feedback on the upcoming Horde! :zombie:

To complement the above on the upcoming update, there are also some other items that are within the scope for short to mid terms update, such as various wheel refresh, and also planned improvements, additional perks (moar storage please!) and a new exclusive Survivors Club character around the corner!

Stay tuned for further details on those as they get on the launchpad :rocket:

Are Walker cards in RTS future?

Along with this will there be frequent rms for legendary gear and medals like seriously


That’s what I was thinking, it will probably crash even more


Yay a new club charecter … is a free shield ? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: what a joke


Again with the side missions not making the update? It’s been talked about for over three months and this would be the second update it’s missed. Sheesh.


@JB.Scopely can you comment on whether the new toon will have comics? Otherwise what’s the point of subscribing currently if you have Andrea maxed. Doesn’t sound like the toon will be availble for a few weeks.