19.0 Update - Prepare to Unleash the Horde


It makes a huge difference to good players dennis, now you dont waste time having 5o look at toons ap. Is this what youre teaching them in NWD?


No I don’t think I can because it isn’t very clear and your input wasn’t a large help to direct me in the right way.


I just want to know @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely are missions going to be fixed?


want more raid missions for xp lol.


Mission bug is of the least importance as I can tell. Fun new game play is what we really need now. Hope the zombie only stage will deliver.


Mean another mode with poor rewards that will die like new mode that was on Onslaught


What if you have to build a team of walkers to go against a generated team?


Any improvements in the game are very welcome


Yeah I hope so it has a cool concept makes me feel like a whisperer controlling the walkers


Great news. An increase in food cap would also be useful. These t4 6 stars are hungry for food!


Can’t wait to try out horde, finally my useless pve toons which make up most of my roster will shine!


Will the update finally award us this rewards?


Is it soon coming to beta ? @JB.Scopely


That is what I’m trying to find out because i still can’t claim any of them


Looks like we will prepare two teams:
Walkers team for attacking enemies
and regular def teams to defend with against the other’s hordes, but also you can purchase defensive items like barbed wire and landmines.


Im not looking forward to the new “event” or whatever it is. Why because it will sit and go stale like faction assault and everything else. Will likely cause the game to run even laggier if thats even possible. The food thing is cool and the territory notifications. But what about the fixes of all the bugs, where you get booted out and lose energy or it never goes contested? Would love to see other features like sr or fac ass be updated or the depots before adding more content that will sit untouched for months after release.


One thing at a time! Lol. This is a step in the right direction.


Nwd haha I haven’t been in that faction since early 2017


you should realize they used a warcraft III hero defense concept, so yeah. no coins for you hahahahaha


Meh not really people been asking for a food arrow since release of that depot as well as terrs been glitching since the begining. A step in the right direction would be it not taking a year to get an arrow for food amount. They took about an inch in right direction i suppose. But we all know that 10 more things will break when these 4 are fixed :joy: