19.0 Update - Prepare to Unleash the Horde


it’s version 5 *


Forum Admin uses hacks, biggest plot twist since Sixth Sense


how about fixing toons below 100 hp taking fuck all dmg? nah lets add a useless horde mode


Because no-one’d been asking for new tournaments and calendar variation…


yes new mode more trash rewards it be dead in a day just like Onslaught

ppl want rewards fixed not more junk


Ah but you’re assuming. Lack of new tournaments has been a want and they’ve addressed it. Sure there’s other stuff. If you trash it before you see how are they supposed to take legitimate concerns seriously?


I’m enthusiastic about this update. It all sounds good! Addresses several general grievances that take away from the fun.


I’m actually excited! At the least it should calm down the territory referees!


That’s about it bet they dint fix game restarted if someone kicks you from territorys or you raid to fast on territory…


Nah, if that were the case all zombies would have a health bar showing.


Woah, it feels like they realise most of my comments/suggestions. Want some examples?

Reason for Territory crash:

The tower defence thing:

If they make the Cage thing, too. Then I want some profit participation.:joy:


Know what would be useful scratch bar for toons in mods and show 6s only in roster.


The horde is a stage in the casino slot machine. You guys will make it seem even more like gambling . Woot woot


The new walker thing is cool because It sounds like we are going to play a bit like a whisperer


By the way are you going to fix the missions in this update


But this is clearly something different. Tag line says “unleash the horde” and there are icons with zombie stuff on them, probably for controlling the horde.

My bet is we will raid other players with a walker horde, and Scopes will milk us by selling crap for it, like “rotten fart” card that stuns the enemy or a runner walker than clears landmines etc


Awesome updates love it


UMMM did you even read the post? They listed all the changes. Did you see anything about missions? Im sure you could be a big boy figure this out all by yourself


The update will likely include more than just these four…


Do we have date when this will hit beta regions