19.0 Update - Prepare to Unleash the Horde



WOW! Seriously im excited as hell for this update! Nice one scopely! For this you do deserve credit, now we can bitch about other things! :hugs:


Flashes by the looks. The filled one in the picture is a different colour to the unfilled ones


tbh i am happy about supply depo. food purchase thing finaly getting fixed


xD i need multi buy for those bronze / silver gear


You do get league trophies for SR, just your placement against others in the tourny.

And it said a small amount for clearing walkers… don’t expect much


They could do for every things , but later , what they Will put in next update?


Not from daily SR which this is equivalent to. But yea wonder what a small amount means.


All of these are sounding great! (And long overdue) … Is there any way to make it so all of the enemies statuses are displayed at once? It’s a bit annoying having to wait for them all to cycle through the tiny circle.


Definitely the best update I have heard since I started playing. Nice job in listening to the players, I just hope this won’t bring more bugs.


@JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely I’ll take coins for the idea :slight_smile:


Well nah not really since it isn’t what you suggested but hmMmmMmmmmMm. “Take control of the horde”


Holy shit boys,this could be it…


Wow people are hyped for a change that should have been in place a year ago. Let’s praise Scopely.

Can’t wait to see all the bugs the new mode introduces. Every software development company I’ve worked for so far fixed their bugs before releasing new ones into the wild.



wil this interfer with the war in 2 weeks and will we have our league mission be able to get claimed


Hooray :tada: finally…no more bxxtchy arguments over ghosting territory :laughing:


Until they say “sorry, this is for a different update”.


Now thats a REALLY good update!!


They give a small amount for actual territories now


looks fun. do the walkers get names ? don’t screw this one up please


wait how can that rosita hold a SMG ? she has the duel guns by default i thought