19.0 Update - Prepare to Unleash the Horde


Try opening the dosier when the enemy is shielding and you don’t have focus on a toon.


I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s 5-10 trophies per hit so clearing walkers doesn’t exceed hitting normal teams


Multi buy or sell is a BASIC function of most mobile games… It shouldn’t be regulated to certain aspects of a game, should be game wide. The devs are slow as duck in this game.

Not giving Scopely kudos for stuff that’s overdue. Stop with the thanks. :man_facepalming:t5:


Oh yah haha good point


Multi Pea shooter ftw


Nah you’re all wrong. You control the zombies I’m assuming. Why else would it have dog tags n stuff. Doubt we control our toons
The 6 in the bottom right corner probably means you can only “summon” characters who’s tags add up to 6 which probably build up over time. Like that boom towers game or some sh*t


Thanks for missing the point of my comment. The issue is lack of league tokens my dude.


So we’ve turned the tables? We are the walkers and we have to try to kill the humans? That’s rad af


:joy: My bad… That’s a valid point sir.


Can we get an update that sweeps for hacks always? Like speed hacks thatd be best update ever… js


Only thing I can really think of why the bar at the bottom shows walkers and the dog tag sorta things. Scopes gave it away with all those “reach level x” offers that never actually get payed out (shhh I know it’s tapjoy but salt


It also says harness the power of the horde so it kinda has to be that


For once I’m excited for an update.


Ah f*CK usually in those games you pay / get offered “character packs” for le money for better characters that have a higher dog tag sort of thing. Hoping it doesn’t become that tho


Single greatest update to the game since war? Arguably, yes.


It’s the same, but it’s annoying to have to open every dossier when raiding. A quick head-up is much appreciated.


Great to get league points from clearing walkers! Although the down side is why even bother placing a team in there now, clear drop, clear… repeat. I can see global chat getting mad at someone for actually placing teams in territory now… I like it tho, finally an excuse to use my e there


Will the enemy AP bar have any indication when the AR is charged? 84/85 will look pretty much the same as 85/85. @JB.Scopely


Will there be an update to the prestige and 5 star wheels? Or even a new ascendable wheel. Just curious


That’s interesting they are adding league points to clearing walkers since they have used the reasoning of it not being PvP. If that’s the case, why not add league trophies to SR? @JB.Scopely