18-60 tire can you increase tire drop rates

can you increase tire drop rates


Tire drop rate increase is certain to the museum please! :hugs:

Maybe you need to increase your raid rates :exploding_head:

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Maybe scopely should increase raid can drops :man_shrugging:


Maybe you should raid more🤷‍♂️

Maybe,They should Increase raid drops and have a raid tournament


I have 60 bins in my hand

630 batteries = 630 tires. <- final milestone
630 tires = 126(@5) to 210(@3) raids…

126 raids = 21 raid Cans + 4.2hrs (@2mins/raid)
210 raids = 35 raid Cans + 7hrs
(If you win 100%)

Sounds like a reasonable replacement for missing a top milestone


Maybe you should troll better :man_shrugging:

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@How2Zombies I don’t know how’s that’s trolling… Sophia, beta and tokens are all obtainable. If you want the better prizes you gotta work for it.

I can only afford a Honda but I want a Ferrari, let’s start a petition to lower the prices of Ferrari’s so i don’t have to do anything and still get what I want…:man_facepalming:


Dude, you cannot compare digital products, that take no effort to reproduce with real items. :man_facepalming:

We are talking about an effing game. You shouldnt be required to put a 40h+ grind in a 2 week time frame. This is completely nuts.


says dumb stuff, check
Ignores questions for clarification, check
Doubles down on own logic with dumb example, double check
Tags people in said dumb example, check


Eminem must have all his brain cells filled with moms spaghetti


You’re just mad bro. It’s a basic system and you’re expecting everything to be easy and free. If you don’t get the toon then whatever it’s a game. No need to get offended when someone has a different opinion than you

It’s funny you chirp my picture like I care…I’m a piece of fuckin white trash I say it proudly :rofl:

a very basic question, please answer with just a simple number (example 10 hrs):

how many hours of grinding a day should be required to complete this event?

I said it couple of times already and I’m gonna say it again. There is a wide range of options between the two extremes that are making it free and making it inaccessible.

I’d really love to get Bruce and I’d be willing to grind the hell out of it. I’d love to evaporate my 160 cans for it, but there is no way I can raid for over 30 hours in less than 10 days. Its pathetic. And that will only net me a quarter of the required tires.

Saying peeps are to lazy is a slap in the face. Most of us have jobs and families. The design of this ‘event’ is trash.

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My faction is a full of super active f2p’s, most are struggling to finish road rage.
Even if u complete daily maps, you are still on track to be short unless tire drop rate from raid increases.
Not asking much, make them doable for f2p grinders plz.


It’s tough but the toons don’t have weapons or mods like teams you might face in war. So my question is if someone has issues with it, what does that say about their chances to be in top 20 in CRW or hit milestones. Further lessening their rewards.

The spread between the haves and have-nots is getting wider by the event and people wonder why scopes has to reorganize the prize structures to “improve competition”

It takes you four hours to reach the 2400 milestone? That is about 126 raids…