18.1 Update - Faction Region Transfer, Resource Cap Improvements, and Community Moderation

In the coming weeks, we are releasing our 18.1 update, which contains a number of important changes to the game, including updates to better address player-to-player harassment in chat and a frequently requested change to Region Transfer.

Region Transfer: Faction Update

Currently, players can use the Region Transfer feature to move their individual progress from one region to another, but they do not retain their Faction when they transfer. This is because the region transfer feature currently requires a player to leave their faction before they transfer. Once they’ve transferred to a new region, they then have to recreate their faction. In addition, faction league ranking is lost for the player on their new region. Getting a faction to a high rank in Leagues can take several weeks/months and losing it upon transferring to a new region is not a positive experience.

With that said, we’re updating the Region Transfer feature to allow Faction Leaders to move their Faction to a different region while maintaining their Faction League Ranking.

  • While Faction Transfer allows Faction League progress (and a few other Faction things) to transfer with Leaders, other players in the Faction will not automatically be transferred. Each player can choose to follow by initiating a player transfer, but it’s not required.
  • Similar to Player Transfer cooldowns, Factions are placed on a cooldown upon Transfer. A Faction is unable to transfer again until the cooldown expires. Faction Transfer cooldowns are currently set to 10 days (this may be changed in the future).
  • When a Faction Transfer is initiated, members will automatically receive an inbox message indicating their leader has moved the faction to a specified destination. This should help you coordinate with your Faction members so nobody is left behind.

This change should enable Factions and Faction leaders to more easily make the decision on whether or not to move regions.

Chat and Anti-Harassment Update

It is a priority for us to ensure that Road to Survival is a welcoming and safe environment for all players to spend their time. There is no place in the game for player-to-player harassment of any kind. To that end, we’re implementing additional anti-harassment measures in the game to continue to protect players from inappropriate behavior.

  • Upgraded Automated Chat Moderation will be added to Global Chat, Faction Chat, Leagues Chat, Inbox Messages, and Player Names to better identify and moderate inappropriate player chat
  • Temporary Account Suspensions have been added to the game and will be used more frequently against players displaying inappropriate behavior
  • Revamped the player blocking and player reporting systems. Players will no longer be able to get around chat blocks by changing their names.
    • NOTE: With this revamp, all players previous block lists have been erased. Players will need to reblock any previously blocked players.
  • The chat reporting system has been upgraded to allow for players to provide details for reporting players.

World Energy, Materials and Food Cap Update

We’re making some significant and exciting updates to how the cap limits work for World energy, Materials and Food.

With 18.1, players will now be able to surpass the cap limits when applying World Energy Refills and when receiving discrete amounts of Materials and/or Food.

World Energy Refills will now grant the player the same amount as its max energy capacity even if it surpasses the current cap.

  • Example:
    • Player has 30/50 World Energy
    • Player uses World Energy can refill
    • World Energy goes to 80/50 (instead of the current behavior that would only go to 50/50)

Notes for World Energy cap changes:

  • A world energy refill cannot be used when energy is at or over the max cap.
  • This cap can also be exceeded when players are rewarded with World Energy upon a Player Level increase.
  • When a player’s energy pool goes beyond the cap max, there is no energy regeneration until the player uses sufficient energy to take them back below their max. Any regeneration timers currently in progress are immediately canceled and no additional energy will be gained.

Food and Material from certain drops and rewards will be applied in full even if it goes over the current Food or Material cap.

  • Example:
    • Player has 800/1,000 Food
    • Player receives Food Bag of 1,000 Food
    • Player Food goes to 1,800/1,000 (instead of the current behavior that would only go to 1,000/1,000)

Sources eligible to go over the Food and Material caps:

  • All tournament milestone and rank rewards
  • Token and Coin Wheel rewards
  • All stores
  • Mystery Bags
  • Achievements and Mission Completion Rewards
  • Roadmap Area Completion rewards
  • Faction Naming Refunds

Museum Update: Removing Old Collections

There are some updates to the “My Collections” tab of the Museum, the section which showcases all previous collections that a player has progressed in. To make room for future collections for upcoming events, older Limited Time Collections will be removed from the “My Collections” tab of the Museum immediately. Additionally, future Limited Time Collections will remove themselves automatically some time after their related event ends. This time may vary from player to player. These removals will not affect your overall collection score.

It’s important to note that you will never lose access to an active collection while an event is currently in progress. This is only an adjustment for expired events.

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for this update.


Love it.


Seems like a wasted update if this is all there is … all of this should of never been an issue and released when the features were released day 1


So no fixes for current bugs…facking fantastic.

What about territory crashes? Bugged Morgan? Nothing?


Where is our accendables list @JB.Scopely


Really? Not gonna lie… underwhelmed. None of this improves game play and is that necessary except for the faction transfers. Harassment? Meh.


That number would be a MASSIVE (massively underwhelming) 4 changes basically…


Wouldn’t consider any important except for the faction transfer.


This is so when collection items get reused we don’t get a head start :wink:


Come on, this is all you got done in this timespan? I can do more on my own.


So what about those of us who have been through this? Just gotta suck it up?


Maybe wait for the full patch list before reacting to whats “not addressed”? The definition of conjecture up in dis piece. Smdh.

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I am with you, those are changes to the game, not a full list of improvement or bug fixes. I like all of it. Hope they add a fricking slider to buying food from gear depot though


Great now all the sneauxflaykes can stop feeling bad about themselves because people called them mean things over the internet. Much needed update to the game.

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Lots of positives in this!


My fear is it is based off number of reporting’s. Meaning you can gather your friends and continually report someone you don’t like and get them suspended


Ding ding ding.

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Great now the snowflakes can gang up and report people. So basically dont talk ever, noted. Everyone nowa days is looking to be offended


I think more harm than good if the bot is auto like the forums, me and my friends joke hardcore, we say some really messed up things to each other tbh and some people think we are serious or fighting but we legit laugh and have a good time. So hopefully this wont be like the forums, avoiding gc is easy but in my faction also? Wtf?! So i cant joke with a small group of close friends in my own faction… Guess line app will be the only source of communication now