165,000 Assault Ticket Kick-off! [Faction Assault]


Hey all,

With today’s launch of Faction Assault, we’re giving out 165,000 Assault Tickets to each faction! This is a one time gift to help kickstart your faction into Faction Assault.

A few quick notes:
This gift is for factions that existed at the time of the features launch.
Factions created after the 10:00am launch Faction Assault are not eligible for this gift.
If you still don’t see it, try restarting your game.




Nice :slight_smile:


Thanks scopely :slight_smile:


That’s very kind :slight_smile:


A present from scopely?!


Well done. this is perfect. Thank you.




Nice, but not good if you can’t beat S3. Not everyone has 6*s lol


You get to pick with level you want to try. and the game gives your faction a recommended level to try.


@kalishane… I left my faction for 5 minutes… came back and my assault tickets went to 0… are they Lost? And if it’s a lifetime contribution why wouldn’t it still be there when I got back???


Hi Stephanie, When you left the faction they went into the faction pool. Not a big deal in your situation since you went back to the same faction but if you left for another faction any tickets you earned would go to your old faction. best way to think about it is the ticket immediately goes to your current faction when you earn it.


That said I’m not sure what happens with tickets earned while factionless (assuming you can even earn them when factionless)


On behalf of our faction (here since the very start of the game ) thank you very much


Thank you elk! Personally, because it says lifetime contribution, that it should show back up how many u have earned for the faction overall…


Merci pour les 165k de tickets offerts


Thank you!
That helps a lot!


Thanks for answering that elk! :heart:


El juego se cierra en el jefe de grado 2 .-. quedamos estancados ahí


Happy to help out Shane. :slight_smile: