160 comics is too much for Zach

Who thought this was a good idea? I would be fine if he cost 105 comics (from claiming all 7 of the figure collections)
But 160 is insane!

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105 is very specific where did you pull that number out from

Nevermind I see now lol

I really think that’s meant for people who have been long time SC members with extra comics to spare not new people joining the SC


Almost noboby will get him, and there’s only 41 days on the collection

160 is nothing…

What Opie said, Zach’s the ‘new SC toon’, at least for a bit, for long time subscribers. Jesus and Donnie are bonus. Maybe for the weekly missions if the maths adds up

I’m just curious what they do next, if it’s worth holding onto comics or going for Zach

We all always are. Lol. I’m not SC so I’m not losing sleep over it


ZACH? Who the hell is zach.

I so dont see zach or jesus as options for comics. Where are they located. Dont see in museum

In 25 mins

I still don’t see my 2nd julie this is a money cuck for sure. Charging for broken service’s.

I guess F2P can’t benefit either. 41 day collection will be only 15 comics earned


You guys don’t see what scopely is doing they know that getting 160 for Zach is impossible so what are they expecting people to do? Buy the membership to start grinding for comics thinking hopefully when that timer runs out Zach or another OP toon will be available there for when they finally do get that ridiculous amount but what’ll be there waiting for them for 160 comics by then? Yellow Kal


Not yellow kal, probably a toon like winter rick


I like the way you think


not if you had it from day one only did andrea its not impossible…

A word of caution here: Even if you were lucky enough to get max bag comics from the weekly roadmap and grind those sc and weekly figurine missions even collect museum items you will only get 132 comics in the timeframe Zach is up. Unless you have the remaining comics laying around plus loads extra, because let’s be real honest, you aren’t getting max comics weekly.

Is it possible for you to make a topic not complaining about something game related ? This is all I see every time I see you post.