15th Rick(6*) Dont make him P2W!/P2P! (pull)

Its 15th aniwersary so make new event and give he as reward.

  • P2p
  • As reward in new event

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They gave us a rick … he is a 4 star hahahaha


he`s already set to be a promo buddy, nice try though

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Scopely know the same idiots will spend for stuff so theirs little chance he will be in an event.


He is good - especially with that weapon - so do you really think he will be f2p?

Yeah it’s already announced on VK about 6 hrs back that he’s the next promo

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plus a new exciting Lvl up

He’s not in an event but he should have been.

Only scopes would make a toon celebrating the15th-year anniversary p2p. :smirk:


Too bad he is P2P now.
I sincerely hope they will release him either in Prestige or 5* token wheel (like they did with Richard, Aiko, Morgan, Alpha and Kal).

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Oh they will for sure. In about 8-12 months. :smirk:


Was always going to be a permier sadly even if its to do with celebrating skybounds 15th year its a shame to the community and fans of the ip he is not obtainble via an event for everyone.



Think, no. Want, yes.

Good thing he’s p2p I can pull for him now

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