15th anniversary rick


Is it just me or does rick look suspiciously like green negan :thinking: (not going off his stats simply his design)


Based off this


looks good but maim is not good.


Plese FONT MAKE HIM P2W SCOPES!!!Mayby new event with him?


Nope, next promo. Confuse when defending on the bat too…


Just why is this a thing. Attacking toon with a defending weapon and main? Wouldn’t it be better to make him tank role with more hp def with a defensive weapon instead?


It is good. Great counter against healers.


just saying maim is not good please read original statement


Yeah it isn’t the best. But I am thinking it could work well in tandem with the lacerate and take out the bonus HP toons like Lydia. Would like to see in a roadmap with humans to see how he works


Seems pretty damn nice to me. I would have worked towards him in an event without a shadow of a doubt. I don’t have any maim toons but if it works the way I think it does it’s a guaranteed 940 damage to two toons regardless of defense. Then on top of that, he adds 3 turns of bleed which when hit by him on the next turn will double the damage. Plus he also reduces healing by 75% for 3 turns and if that’s not enough he also grants everyone focus.

Couple him up with Princess and all her bleed and it sounds like a pretty nice Lydia, Jeebs, and Ty timeout busting team.


So the anniversary toon is also gonna cost money. What a shocker.


Lol (7 characters)


Scopely don’t even try these days and idiots still spend thousands. That Rick is pretty mediocre I wouldn’t want him free.


Maim is great when it comes to a bleed team.


The similarity here is intentional.


Yay another toon which I will never see in raids, gj


This Rick looks great. Coupled with lacerator Shiva must be a nightmare. I suppose he has a special bleed weapon too…


they better fix that duration of pulling new rick cause the 3 year tokens end a day sooner then when that rick banner ends. @JB.Scopely


He’s got a confuse on defence weapon


Single pull baby!