155 Pulls for Lydia + 3rd Anniversary Pull



Inb4 people complain about you getting right to the point and not putting filler


That’s rough man


Rip brother


That’s a long video did the person get her


Lol glad i got mine on doing a big and a 10 pull. But also got 2 6 stars in mine.


I only tried a 10 got neutralizer yellow gov called it a day


Damn man that sucks I hope u can end up getting her if ya pull more


Ouch, sorry bruh.


That was kinda painful to watch :sob:


thats what i mean when i say this wheel is criminal.


Too long, too slow, did not watch but read the comments and it sucks, I’m sorry


I keep saying on here only some are allowed to pull that toon other like that make 155 and don’t get the toon dude could have did 1k pulls and still not get the toon this has been going on forever in this game


Just have to spend more. Another 155 pulls should do the trick.


Worse I ever heard was person spent about $600 and didn’t get the toon


Dude that’s super rough,
RIP bank account


Character should be guaranteed within the first 80 pulls.


$100 should get any toon in this game. Its mind boggling that they dont have every toon in a shop for sale. They would make way more money this way, as people who refuse to use the crooked wheel would buy toons there.


I agree 100%


Back in the old days, I spent $800 on og Shiva when she first came out and didnt get her or a 5* at all. Theres worse than this out there.