15 year 5 star rick


What’s with the free rick that you get if you become a skybound insider??? Does anyone know

Still no rick.. as of yet

im already a skybound insider! gimme freeeeeeeee lol

but on a real, where did you read this?


It said it on the update



Oh I found him. Hes on the pop up. Was wondering where that was from lol


How’d you get him ?


Show his stats.


I don’t have him. And I can’t seem to get the pop up. But for this museum event. A pop up came up Shane on the right side rick on the left. I just thought it was nothing. But with you showing me this I now believe its that rick! But I can’t find the pop up anymore




15 years? Damn you’ve been playing longer than the game was out


Pretty sure it’ll be this guy


How do I become a skybound insider?


probably something involving $100 worth of coins?


Back in the day it was like a pop up offer saying “sign up for this (pretty sure it was just email based) and get this free 3* ty” they will probably do the same again


Thats correct




ah yeah my bad, they lowered the price of 5 stars to $5~$25


https://www.skybound.com/join/ apparenrtly


What if you are already a Skybound insider. Do we still get it or do we get offergated for bein OG?


I become a insider so what now?