15 prestige tokens and what did i get?!


15 4* that is going to become food for ascendace , i think my account is flagged become some people recieved so many 5* from there and i am the only one who never recieve anything from there


Mines too. Keep getting talkies from Lucille scam tokens wheel.


Same, faction mate got 3x5*s, I got police shields. Difference - my account is older.


My account is old too , i am telling , some accounts are flagged and dont get the same things


It was obvious long ago, scopely denies it ofcourse.


I was about to make a similar Thread.

My pulls only cannot get worse because I pull from Epic Wheel, and there’s actually quite a good amount of useable characters there.

But if we start mentioning Prestige or Elite or any other kind of Event Wheel, you can bet that, if it doesn’t guarantee an Epic, I’ll always get gear and weapons. Always.

Now, about Prestige, I don’t even care anymore. I just pulled my fourth Ultra in the past four months and I seriously don’t need another Siddiq. Not even for Ascencion. This is ridiculous already.


I feel you man , i only get reaally bad itens on every event …