15 players looking for a new home


So we have lost members and down to about 15 members now. We are average group and normal finish around 15-20 place in crw wars. We are looking for another 15 to join up and form a faction in any region. If interested send me a private message and will give more information. Thanks and good luck to all in war.


Sent you a message


What region


I would certainly be excited to see about bringing you to Barrow. I run two factions there. I run them as one big fac and we move players up and down based on productivity. A situation like mine gives a big group of players the opportunity to stick together at two old, stable factions in an original region


Would love to join with you in Newberry, but we are a locked server. I wish we could move out or in would be nice.


We are in Chattahooche region. We are looking for active players. The New Found Order. Come join us. We would love to have you.


Found a spot yet? I have an offer for you! Can we chat on line?


Theres a faction in colbert that would take all 15 of you.


Yo… Come to Colbert… We have many options and we have communal recruiting in a way… Everybody helps eachother…


@Supergirl please pm me in line. I have an offer for u.My I’D is INDIANS12345