15+ Minutes of Pulls Including 3rd Anniversary Pulls



Damn you couldnt have sped it up a bit and slowed down at the good parts


Noted, I’m new to this. I also accidentally recorded music as I was listening to it on my phone when I was doing one of the pulls. Didn’t realize until I posted it and got a copyright claim lol.


Good video why did ya keep pulling for Clementine tho even tho u got her in the first pull? lol


Kills me how the one 10 pull gets 2 ascends


Did u see the other 100 pulls lol. I’d consider him unlucky


Because there are others I am looking for and the 3rd anniversary coins plus 10 trainers for every 10 pull made it worth it.


The 100 showed why I don’t let scopley rope me in I have 0 luck on pulls


Ah I see yeah that’s cool