15 hours to complete SR

Yes, I slept.

What a joke scopley. And this is needed for the green toon.


I fell asleep too and now I don’t think its possible to get Knoxs without buying the cheap offers damn, or buying refills. I like the two days one bc it gives more time yo complete. Thanks Scopley :confused:

Use your league coins to buy some refills.


What u talkin bout Willis? I have no fans in league store

You don’t get coins from leagues every week? About 700 of them?

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Oooooh. Was thinking league tokens. I got ya.

Weren’t you the one last week who told me f2p could finish sr…unfortunately this is prime example that it’s not possible and they know this. The good thing is Knox isn’t some op toon that you desperately must have. Greek Viktor was free option in completing 150 stages on sr aND is as good or better

Personally not all that bothered. Made it a really easy month to coast. Don’t feel like I missing out on something if I’m not on all hours of the day. That’s probably the best part of it

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Exactly…knox is lackluster, all three of the toons were meh didn’t even try for any of them would have been better if green alpha was in the museum instead of those 3

Honestly doing it for the winter tokens. I have all 3 of these characters already so if I do miss out no biggie

I also acknowledged what you said, and said the two day one is better and possible to beat. Come on man I acknowledged what you said.

OK man…wasn’t derogatory remark nor an attack. Was just making this even more obvious how p2p of an event Sr is. No one should need to wake up every 2 hours to play a game.
They could of easily just made mittens first 3 stages or better yet do like last week and just send it to our offers for free.
It’s a blantant slap in face move on scopleys part to have the 1 event that you can’t get cans from via depot, war, or scavenger missions as a faction event that’s less then 24hours and holds mittens needed to obtain a character. Even if they provide another way to get them, they don’t share that info so they know people will buy cans to get the sure thing.

I know it wasn’t an attack. Was just saying. :blush:.

Still don’t know why people expect them to just make all tournaments free to finish. No tournament is free to finish except maybe level up.

Because F2P players are the backbone of their game. If only whales were left they would get bored really fast and leave, too.

It is a p2p event this SR , little more time would’ve been great , folks need to sleep haha , anyhow , no time , merry Xmas folks

I am F2P
Merry Xmas

Keep surviving

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Dude it’s about the Time folks have to finish the SR , can’t be done without using cans , that’s what the thread is about but nice toons :slight_smile: also got me some of those and also f2p

You can still play the event being f2p. Sure you won’t finish but there’s no way f2p hitting EVERY final milestone for EVERY raid and level up

I’ve been able to finish SR without spending because I save my league and tapjoy coins to buy cans when they are in the shop, versus spending coins on pulls. Should we have to chose between the 2? No. But, it is a choice available to everyone. Do you want to do more in events or try for the shiny new toon in the wheel? It’s all in how you manage what resources you get.