13250 coins and not a clue

Yes this is real, I have 13250 coins and not a clue what to do with them. I stopped pulling a year and a half ago. I’ve got lots of toons and even recently won 1st place in. a level up. I mean really if I’m not going to use them for pills then what? Got tons of tokens 400k 5* but more toons than I need to use. They don’t sell ascendancy tokens, which is the only thing I really could use. Sighs oh well

Buy some 30 pulls on basic tokens


I would spend that on cans for winning sr and raid tourneys to place better in leagues.


I hear the Harper wheel is not paying out and baiting people. Try your luck there.

SAVE THEM!!! Trust me this game is like heavy meta new toons come out in summer be more powerful than the meta currently

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Pills would probably be the better choice :joy:


Pills! Typo I meant pulls. But good one! Let’s get some :pill:

Only 13250? Sigh I guess that makes my 50k coins seem chum and the others who have more even sadder.

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Use them to buy cans for raid sr and war. Other than that wait for new meta or double chances on pulls.

Could have a lot more fun with pills :sunglasses:
But on a serious note, I’d honestly pull for harper, wish I had her. Plus you could get some dead rabbits and Maybe get a.shiva of sorts. Besides that I’d stock up on cans or completely save for the meta to change next week when the new toon that flies in the air and sprays acid on opponent and kills everyone round 1 is in premieres.

Buy some hp replenish, grenades, and essence salts with your coins.


Stock up on sandpaper in the shop. At 930 apiece its a steal. :smirk:


Why do I feel sure you could have said you had a million coins and someone would have come on and said they had 5 million.


then it means scopely did a good job xD

Either of these are decent deals.


Good deal lol

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