132 Battles in a 24 Hour Walker Hordes Event

So Hordes is finally confirmed as coming next week. Earmarked as a mid week, 24 hour tournament.

@JB.Scopely or @GR.Scopely - given that this is grossly too short to even get close to the 80 battles milestone in the piper event, let alone the 132 most will need, I presume we can expect the milestones to be reduced?

Or are you happy just pedelling an event that was basically impossible to achieve?


Dueling yourself probably works


fingers crossed that they do…

To narccisitically quote myself,


I’m torn on the event. I gave up on Piper. The faction milestones are simply impossible. Compared to the last toon event - Michelle - it’s way more work for a less useful toon.

That said, the trainer bags/crates have been worth the effort. I already anticipated not getting the 20k coins and 40 crates, all Bennys proved me right so far. But I was able to use my stash of T1L1 5stars for levelups and helped my faction get 1st place in the faction tourney and currently sitting in 1st place in the solo tourney.

I’ll only have a couple hours to participate in the one hordes event we get but if testing our defenses counts, I’ll do that 132 times, get 2 more crossbones and get another 10 crates of Bennys.


I like to duel myself right before i go to bed. :wink:


I did some maths and worked out I could probably exchange a load of the items using the Act 1 Stage 3 route. But I think the crates are the way to go. I got lucky on the Skull Tokens event so will do some pulls to supplement and just hope Hordes really is possible.

But if not, hundreds of Benedicts are nice

Michelle was fine but it was mostly hitting milestones I already did. Which is fine but doesn’t need to be every event.

At least with this it’s making me do things outside my normal routine. I don’t duel my factionmate to death 1000 times daily lol. Aside from the fac milestones being generally unreachable I think it’s a good event. But like Michelle, not every event needs to be a 1100 duel grind. Variation is nice

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I’m surprised there aren’t the normal raft of people here calling others snowflakes saying how people are always wanting handouts.

Did the scopes forum black-ops budget get slashed?


The event is thirty days long. You didn’t have to spam friendly duels or flee survival road stages. Most of these could have been accomplished with moderates amounts each day. So if a player decides to do it quicker than scopely had envisioned, that is on the players… all the missions are things players who play the game normally do.

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I hate that new age term : snowflake


tmi my guy


I am not a guy

Stop being a rain drop… You just don’t understand the cool kid lingo :wink:


28 days long. And many of the top milestones are not achievable from normal grinds. Take the raid one for example…
Let’s say the average person sleeps 8 hours. Let’s also assume that during their waking hours they waste zero raid energy for the whole 28 days (not realistic but lets assume). 16/0.75 (45min refill) = 21.3 raids a day. 21.3x28=596 raids. There was 1 24hour raid tourney so let’s assume they canned to reach the 2400 milestone - 2400/25=96 raids needed, so they will have needed 75 on top of the daily amount to reach it. So realistically from normal gameplay, if not wasting a single raid energy in your waking hours over the course of 28 days, you will achieve 596+75= 671 raids. Nowhere near the 1100 needed.
I like the event. But without the shortcuts, it would not have been realistically possible from normal gameplay.

Edit: I forgot to add - that is assuming the person also wins all their raids in those 28 days.


<Edit: ignore what I said about raids, just read what Clifton said above.>
But I would add the time factor. Raids against real opponents often take time. We are well past turn three victories consistently, unless you are a super whale, so the time to do 1,100 proper raids is huge.

Hordes will be a great example. Assuming you can only spend 4 hours on the game during that 24 hour period, you’ll need to make 12 battles an hour - one battle every 2 minutes at a significant cost of cans. That isn’t grinding, that is just setting up unreasonable targets.


Using raid energy… 24 a day Times 30 plus raid tournaments put you there. So yea. Very doable. Raiding is time consuming? I guess.

I will agree on hordes. They should have had more events.

The fact that three people already liked your post just shows that players don’t even want to play anymore.

I am buying the cans from the store for this exact reason. If you buy 2 now, another 2 will respawn before the tournament, so at least you’ll have 4 to play with. I’ve been buying them as soon as they respawn tbf as I like hordes and hordes always drop decent rewards from multiple runs.

I just did the maths. It’s not doable (under normal gaming)

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