13.0 Update: Region Transfer, Mission System Update and More


I’ve already given up hope bet next week is nothing but faction events


i’ve heard ten days


My JB.Scopely im have issue with game i did the transfer and now it brings me to support page and it say saved data incompatibility


will tokens, for example the anniversary tokens or the 5star tokens, be transferred as well?


Heya JB. Matey just wanna know if outgoing regions like my Atkinson, are gonna have a deadline for players to leave. I guess consolidation of regions is the end game here?


Very sorry to hear about the issue.

If you’re locked out the game you can approach support through the web portal

I will shortly publish the rest of the Region Transfer schedule.

Next list of open regions?

Mysteriously this is unpinned :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I feel like we have drastically different definitions of the word “shortly” :slight_smile:


Shortly means a few days it seems


Its Spanish for “next year”.


lol. I knew I shouldn’t have thrown away that rosetta stone offer.


I tried to transfer to exciting region. I got locked out. did anyone have same issue? Now I cant even login my game. Everytime I try to open my game it brings me to save data incompatibility page. I reinstalled, cleared the cashe, shut down my device. non of them didnt work. also theres no update (android)


Same here. No response from scopely yet


Does in progress armory crafting transfer?