13.0 Update: Region Transfer, Mission System Update and More


Yes rep will go with u


When i transfer to another region, can i transfer back on my starting region?


I had it yesterday , not beta player , Clayton region


How do i use a transfer key?


I’m in Bacon region and found my key in rewards this morning.


Yes. No merging of accounts.


No. 7 characters


There are too many pinned posts. Can we merge the post from may 18 and July 20 into this one?


This is wrong. You can transfer back if your region is open to inbound. You can’t transfer back if your region is closed to inbound. Check the region list to see what your region is.


I will find where JB says you cannot return.


Ok it wasnt jb but it actually is in this thread


A 10 day cooldown is completely different than not being able to come back at all.


It just says to transfer regions there is a cooldown, doesnt mean that he can go back, but i also think he doesnt realize it will cost to move back.


Will Survival Road Tournaments contribute to the missions about survival road (like, complete 150 survival road stages)? :laughing: @JB.Scopely


Sorry for the late response, as I wanted to triple check it, yes they will!


I’ve asked a few times getting mixed info…we have to wait till Monday for another list to be shown for tranfers?


Thats what the 8/27 date means. I guess the developers dont work fridays.


So for starters, they postponed the last batch, I’m guessing because there is concern about the leaderboard for candles/cake resetting for you if you transfer, but that is my guess.

Then also I’m guessing again because they don’t like to give out too much information and reasoning, but no transfers until the 27th because its the weekend and if things go to hell and there are bugs with people transferring, Scopely doesn’t work weekends.


K thanks for the info


I have a feeling i’m never going to be able to leave Chilton :neutral_face: