13.0 Update: Region Transfer, Mission System Update and More


:rofl: Looks like someone really wants out of their region.


that was the point I was making actually, i am redoing the story, but i wasn’t sure if progress would be wiped out if I updated the app, or if i should burn cans to finish it before updating.

this part of the announcement left me thinking i might loose out on those coins if i updated:

Claim mission rewards - As a part of this overhaul, we have removed all original missions. To make sure players don’t miss out on any rewards, we will be auto-completing missions that can not be done again - such as leveling up your Town Hall and increasing your Player Level.

Doesn’t matter at this point, i ended up using a few cans to complete it all, just in case. got some 4* weapons and a lilith from drops, so not a total waste.


my precious


What about our training grounds ? Do completed 2* AND in progress 2* be transfered too or i better empty them all before moving ?
Thanks a lot for the update


Yes. it all gets transferred over when you switch Region.


Any word on how long the cooldown will be after transferring?


10 days if it’s the same as Beta


Cuando la llave para transferirnos?


Yeah I saw the official statement said the price would be same as Beta, so I’d assume the cooldown will also stay the same. Just wanting confirmation from the almighty JB


That’s correct. It has been maintained to 10 days!


You da man


Any update when keys will roll out? I also sent you a PM, can you please review sir? Thanks!


Is the Leech Life weapon effect works on AP Rush attack?


No just basic attacks


No stabby stabby on fast weapons? Just slashy slashy now? My fast toons looks weak when wearing the tactical/cultist knife now, just the looks…


When are the transfer keys coming out and how do I get 1?


That’s the million dollar question


this update is pointless …
when is the 5* token wheel update and when is the Carley ,Andrea, and all those free ascendable 5* release day !! ??

who care about region transfer ?? come on Scopely …


Just the majority of the players that care lol
Region transfers should be above all those


Anybody know if rep will transfer? I don’t personally care but I know some who thinks their rep is some kinda highlight of their life