13.0 Update: Region Transfer, Mission System Update and More


Free Bullock! We are old enough! We should be free! Unfair to us in CRW cause we’ll have the same old people while everyone else has fresh recruits!


Open up Bullock, allow players stuck in overpowered vet regions to join a competitive region!


I would like some more info concerning the release of transfer keys


Would be nice to know since bitz war is coming


You should not trap people in dead regions.




me too what’s going on with transferring to other region where u already have teams why penalise us ! @JB.Scopely


If u tranfer to a region where u already have a team the region ubare tranfering will over ride your other account


English, javonte


so is it safe to transfer or not ? no because the region i’ve got my team in will be wiped out this is crazy


Lol Macs


Unique (i think) question here. I finished the story mode missions long ago, i have reached 23.8. But I noticed recently that when I go to Missions, and the top portion that says Current Story Mission, it was saying I was still on 15.3. After finishing 15.8, i got the rewards I never got the first time around, 80 coins and other stuff. I have since done 16 and 17 and have the 80 coins for each as well. If I update, will that be automatically given to me, stay the same, or will I miss out on finishing up the story line and actually getting the rest of the rewards I should have got the first time around?


Well it’s not ideal but this was what was announced when the feature was introduced so not sure why the surprise now. We all know that this is the case for more than a month now. Are we happy about it … No for sure


it’s a bug dude, got back through the story , wherever it says you’re up to and get the rewards lol


@JB.Scopely please open up darlington to outbound transfers, so many people are leaving or have had enough of the same faction placing first in everything… a lot had plans to transfer and now everythings been ruined


Cuando tendremos la llave y la opcion a transferirnos?


didnt see this anywhere in patch notes but rng bags in the shop have the odds now. supreme crate oddly enough is missing them .


thanks for pointing out. about time they did that


hopefully apple is cracking the whip. Carl was their last hurrah with rngless crates makes sense all the barrage of sales over the weekend.


Para cuando la habilitación de transferencias?