13.0 Update: Region Transfer, Mission System Update and More


Today we released the 13.0 Update! The update includes the Region Transfer feature, a major update to the mission system and much more.

Region Transfer

The Region Transfer feature is now live! As a reminder, the Region Transfer feature will allow players to move their game progress from one region to another. We’ll be rolling out the feature to eligible regions over the next week to make sure transfers are as smooth as possible, so be patient if you don’t see it right away. For a full list of eligible regions, see the region transfer list here.

We also wanted to answer a few outstanding questions regarding region transfer that the community has been asking:

  1. What exactly from my account transfers to a new region?

What DOES transfer:

  • Roster (Characters, Character Progress, Mod configurations, and Team configurations)

  • Player Profile (Name, Player Level, Wins/Losses, Reputation, and Unlocked Titles)

  • Town (Buildings, Upgrades, Research, and Building Progress) and World Map progress

  • Completed Scavenger Missions and Depot Stock

  • Inventory (Weapons, Gear, Battle Items, Items, Mods and Currencies)

  • Collections Score and Completed Collections

  • Missions and Achievements Progress

  • Ceasefires and Roster Capacity Increases

  • Unclaimed reward messages

What DOES NOT transfer:

  • Tournament Progress

  • Inbox Messages

  • Faction Membership

  • Unclaimed Territory Rewards and Assault Markers

  • Scavenger Mission progress

  • Assault Tickets

  • Raid Log Entries

  1. How do I acquire a Region Transfer key?

There are two ways that a player can acquire a transfer key:

  1. Once Region Transfer becomes available on your region, a free transfer key will be sent to your inbox. This is a one-time gift, and is only available to players on a region when it first becomes outbound-transfer enabled.

  2. Region transfer keys will be available for purchase in the shop. Individual keys can be purchased for 1,000 Coins and a pack of up to 30 Keys for an entire faction can be purchased for 10,000 Coins.

  3. If I transfer to a region where I already have an existing account, will my two accounts be merged?

No. If you transfer to a region where you already have an existing account, you will override that account with the account you are transferring.

Mission System Update

We’ve completed a major overhaul to our mission system to make missions more relevant and accessible for players. Some important things to point out:

  1. New Missions - We’ve added over 200 new missions with exciting rewards

  2. Claim mission rewards - As a part of this overhaul, we have removed all original missions. To make sure players don’t miss out on any rewards, we will be auto-completing missions that can not be done again - such as leveling up your Town Hall and increasing your Player Level. Players will now be able to collect those mission rewards in sequence up to their current progress in the game. Many other Missions offer new versions as you level up, such as win a number of raids or level up fighters. These Missions will also continue to update, in sequence, as they are completed, up to a player’s current progress in the game. Just go to the Missions screen and claim your rewards.

==== 13.0 Update Release Notes ====

  • New & Improved Game Tutorial

    • New streamlined tutorials to better assist new players when beginning the game

    • New game introduction, with new characters to play with.

    • The overall difficulty has been increased for the first 4 areas, to compensate for the stronger initial roster and provide a more exciting challenge to new players.

  • New Missions

    • We have added over 200 new Missions to the game!

    • The Mission Screen has been revamped.

  • Daily Missions

    • Visual improvements brought to the Daily Missions screen.
  • Feature Unlocking

    • Features that are locked for new players will now display a grayscale icon button.
  • Region Transfers

    • Region transfers allow players to transfer their current progression from one region to another.

    • Each region transfer requires one transfer key, which can be obtained in the Shop. Transfer keys may be purchased by the unit, or on a faction-wide basis.

    • Notes:

      • Some limited-time event data, such as tournament scores, will not be transferred when transferring regions.

      • Players may not be able to transfer to and/or from all regions.

  • Pop Up Reduction

    • We toned down the amount of Popups displayed in the game.

    • “Prestige Rewards” Pop Up

      • Reduced ‘taps’ to progress through the daily prestige pop up
    • “Enemy Raid” Pop Up

      • Removed the Raids pop up.

      • Players can still access this information by going to “Inbox” -> “Raid Log”

    • “Daily Missions Renewed” Pop up

      • Now takes place in the Missions Hub
    • Tournament Pop Ups

      • Tournament Pop Ups will no longer appear until the feature is unlocked.
    • Resource Pop Ups (Material, Food, Survivors)

      • Added an option for higher level players to hide the “Out of Storage” pop ups

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck loading on the war screen after trying to join late

  • Fixed an issue where pressing the back button in chat could cause a green border to appear around the game

  • Fixed an issue where war points didn’t display above attacked camps where the attacker was defeated

  • Fixed an issue where the faction icon could swap to the default biohazard icon after creating a faction

  • Fixed an issue where the territory buff icon would disappear from inside the armory during crafting, when the territory is lost

  • Fixed an issue where the combat background music would cut out after switching to another region

  • Fixed an issue where the Territory Success Modifier buff for a crafting armory wouldn’t display a tooltip when selected from the Town Map

  • Fixed an issue with the color of the Faction Assault bosses’ HP bars

  • Fixed an issue where the Max text wouldn’t display next to maxed stats of a mod’s info pop-up displayed in a character’s dossier

  • Fixed an issue where a character’s dossier wouldn’t display mods equipped if accessed via an active Scavenger Mission

  • Fixed some issues that could occur related to the display of weapon effects inside a character’s combat dossier

  • Fixed an issue where the info pop-up for some characters’ leader skills on the Loadout of a Roadmap wouldn’t display

  • Fixed a flow where the Faction Supporter wouldn’t be brought into combat when added via the Loadout

  • Fixed some issues with trying to claim a collection while the required character was set as the player’s Avatar or Faction Supporter

  • Fixed an issue where the XP gained from scavenger missions could display more than was actually gained for some characters that reached max level

  • Fixed an issue where players could be stuck in a state where they’d never be able to build a scavenger camp

  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when finishing combat in a Roadmap stage as the Roadmap ends


  • Fixed placement of specialist icons on short characters

  • Fixed an issue where +def while under a status effect mods weren’t working against Collateral Damage or Splash Damage

  • Fixed an issue where the Disarm icon showed in an active state in combat vs walkers

  • Fixed an issue where resisting a combat effect removed an existing instance of that combat effect on the opposing character

  • Fixed an issue where the Leech Life weapon effect would only heal the attacker for 1 HP

  • Fixed an issue where a walker could appear in a live state while actually dead when transitioning to a new wave after reviving a teammate

Other various minor bug fixes

  • Improvements

  • Character counter added to the Sell screen

  • Banned users now get removed from the leaderboard

  • Improved user experience for zooming in to the Roadmap when it’s zoomed all the way out by tapping on a section

  • Improved the transition of the Mod Scraps screen when all daily mod scraps have been purchased

  • Improved the slot highlighted state for mods when a mod is selected vs when a slot is selected

  • Starting auto-combat no longer deselects a selected enemy character

  • Updated the way territory buffs applied to a crafting weapon in an armory are displayed. The weapon’s listing inside the armory will indicate which buffs affect the crafting, and the buffs displayed at the top of the armory (if any) are the current buffs the user’s faction has

  • Updated the traits info pop-up to include information on all combat effects

  • Added the ability to disable resource max notification pop-ups

Nerf collateral damage after selling alpha? 🤔
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Leach life finaly works. Awesome


@JB.Scopely how long is the cooldown after you transfer regions? Don’t see that noted above


Then what regions are we sopost to tranfer to all the ones I scouted no inbound


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Look on the region list in game and prioritize the ones that says “low” under activity


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When android releases it. Its up to them not scopely.


nice job!!


Since i’ve updated the game , the number of walkers killed in territories for an assault is drammatically reduced (max 20 each on a territory of 400 walkers total) Is it intended (…no good word to say…) or is it a bug? @JB.Scopely


so i started the game all over again twice am in two other regions with teams does this mean i loose everything ? @JB.Scopely


@JB.Scopely sorry if this is an obvious question but do current tokens (5*, weapons, elite etc) count as part of inventory or currencies and therefore will they be transferred over? Just didn’t seem abundantly clear to me in that list above.

Cheers and appreciate the update above, great work!


Ah ok. Thanks. Pretty annoying haha.


Umm… Can we get the copy/paste back on the in game keyboard? Some of us can’t spell…


Ill miss seeing green when I log in from won raids…


I don’t understand why you would exclude Bullock in your region list. If people wanna leave there region that’s dead for an active region it’s win win for you to make more money off of the people that will spend more now that they enjoy the game more. Ultimately wouldn’t you want dead regions to close so you have less servers going? Seems like the regions not on the initial list will be the ones that will die fast cause everyone else would have already switched. Seems like you really messed it up right off the bat.


Use Gboard or any other free keyboard that has autocorrect. Then you can blame autocorrect for mistakes :yum:


Shit didn’t even come so when are y’all overcoming of y’alls bullshit


Lol but I need copy/paste for mass messages… They always “fixing” something that doesn’t need fixed